Spring Time Fashion For Children

It isn't long now until Spring hits us and we have to get our children's wardrobes ready for weather getting a little bit milder. I mean, you know what the British weather is like. This week we're hit by Storm Ciara, and then snow is due, but in no time, we'll be in the throws of a heat wave, so it's good to be prepared. Children's clothing has changed so much over the past years and Kimi Dog, a wholesale kids clothing brand offer a whole range of kids clothes styles that are ideal for the Springtime. Here are a few ideas for your little ones...

Go For Patterns
Patterns are a spring style stand-by and look amazing at this time of year, especially florals which Spring is known for. Don't forget pastels and light colours to bring out the milder weather hues. A simple pattern can be used as a neutral and then matched with a variety of colours or go big with bright patterns. 

Weather can be a big factor in what you want your children to wear, but Spring usually brings brighter weather meaning they may now not need to wear a coat, but it's still not t-shirt weather, a hoodie is an ideal middle ground as it's warm and can be patterned with any style to suit what your child is wearing. 

Cotton Where Possible
Cotton should be your fabric of choice because it is a breathable fabric, cotton fabric absorbs sweat and helps the body to cool down. Light-coloured cotton clothing also reflects sunlight and helps us stay cool and cotton clothing is also better for people who have sensitive skin.

Dip back hems, oversized and pinafore dresses, fashion mixed with sports styles, and fringes added here and there, adding shapes and different styles can really make fashion stand out. Dresses can be paired easily with tights when it's a little cooler, and without when it's warmer. Pinafore dresses are so versatile too as a long-sleeved top under the dress is again, ideal for colder weather but they're also easy to slip on over swimwear as a holiday essential. Shapes in the patterns are a great style too. Geometric seems to be fashionable at the moment too, and paired with a floral design, would really stand out as a Springtime classic.

Layering is great in Spring as it allows you to easily remove a part of your child's outfit or add and extra layer when the weather suddenly shifts from cold to warm to wet and back to cold again. Start with a short-sleeved top and pants, and then layer on a long-sleeved shirt, and top with a light hoodie or other sweatshirt as needed. You can then remove as and when needed. 

Pops Of Colour
Adding bright colours in unexpected places is all the rage for kids for spring, and summer too. It's even new fashion for adults to add a pop of colour this way too. If you're buying your babies first shoes, go for a pop of colour as children can have colours that clash, to really to make their style stand out. And it doesn't need to be shoes, you can purchase pastel blue, yellow and coral colours of jeans which can be paired with a styled down top to give that colour. You can even do it with jackets and go for a pastel colour, so that it gives off the essence of Spring, and makes the coat easier to spot in the school cloakroom too.

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