I Love Being A Driver

Despite soaring levels of congestion, declining levels of courtesy on the road, and rising fuel prices, I could still find a million reasons why I love to go out for a drive. It may be driving locally to the supermarket, dropping by a friend's house, or even going across to the Coast. Yes, sometimes the monotony of doing the same things, driving to the same places can get a bit tedious, but take all of these out of the equation and you're left with a joy of driving.

And I get it, not everyone enjoys driving. There are also a lot of people who prefer being driven around without having to deal with the stresses of driving during rush hours, but I am totally a backseat driver when in someone else's car and can't help but want to drive myself.

I guess my love of driving could come from the fact that my dad is a great driver, and I always wanted to be able to drive like him. And finding out that Yorkshire is a part of the UK region with the best drivers didn't surprise me at all as I've always had nothing but good vibes from my fellow drivers. 

I've been driving for 10 years now and to me my car means freedom. That excitement of passing your theory and practical tests, and then receiving the driving license through the door, knowing that it's the start of a whole new chapter of our lives. When the time came to sell my car, I was straight online to look for another suitable one to replace it. 

There is also the excitement of going to new places, the opportunity to just plan and go on road trips which is one of the most amazing things to do in your life, without having to set aside time on public transport, changing trains, and waiting for coaches. Being able to just pack up the car and have a holiday in Yorkshire, or even further afield. East to West, North to South, and even to a different Country. And if you need to stretch your legs, you can stop whenever you want to without being on a set timetable. 

This is why despite all the troubles, the road rage from others, bad drivers, and uninsured one, the excitement still prevails when I get behind the wheel. This and all those other reasons is why I love driving as much as I do.

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