Creating An Easy To Clean Playroom

It's weird isn't it. Before I had kids, I used to wonder why anyone would need a playroom. After all, isn't that just what your kids bedrooms are for? But it turns out that after 3 kids, I was wrong. It keeps all that mess at bay. You have the space to stash your kids toys without making their bedroom look like a bomb has hit it.

Did these school holidays leave you with toy overload and a playroom that looks like something out of a natural disaster movie? Now that you have a room dedicated to your little one's stuff, it's time to get organising, and to learn how to create the perfect playroom.

Properly organising the playroom requires an accessibility, a fun organising system and plenty of storage.

Storage Is Key
Tall storage cabinets can save floor space, they also prevent your kids from being able to clean up on their own as they can't reach the top areas. Choose playroom storage with short, open shelving that is easy for little hands to reach. And remember to anchor free-standing furniture to the wall for safety.

We use Trofast storage from Ikea as the storage boxes have a good depth and can come in many colours to make the room bright and fun. Legos and other toys with small parts need their own designated toy organising systems and we use the thinner storage boxes in the Trofast collection for this as it means we have plenty of openings to sort Legos by colour or size. So you can have a drawer for all the different toys, and even one for your Jellycat soft toy collection. 

The Right Flooring
When it comes to planning a playroom, the flooring is one thing you need to get right. Carpets can be ruined by spillages, and wooden flooring can easily be damaged. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is durable and easy to look after. You can choose a design to match your playroom, from wood effect, tiled or even mosaics, and it's easily wipe clean for when those paint spills happen. 

Sort, Donate, Bin
Take honest stock of your children's toys. If your child has too many toys, then it's time to cut down the collection. The best way to do this is to make three piles - keep, donate and bin, and then get to sorting. And try not to get sentimental over toys. Just because your child used to love a certain toy, doesn't mean they still do, so don't keep just for the sake of it. Broken toys can go straight into the bin, whereas usable toys would be a great donation to a charity shop. 

Play Clean Up Games
The worst part of having a playroom, is the clean up whenever they've finished playing. There are a few games that I like to play with the kids, to help me get the room sorted, without them moaning about having to help. 

We like to race to see whether they can get their toys away before I maybe finish dishing dinner up, for instance. But this can be changed up to suit the time of day. Competitive children can also race each other, one half of the room each. 


  1. Some very good tips there, and like you say, Storage Is Key!

  2. I bet my mum wishes she'd read this XX years ago!