Can League Tables Help Me Choose a School for My Child?

League tables present statistical information about exam results in England and can help prospective parents of a school determine how well they are doing. There is currently a lot of controversy over league tables and whether or not they are actually helpful. An independent school in Hertfordshire explore in detail below to help you decide on a school for your child.

While league tables are undeniably an important factor and worth looking into, they are only one element of a school and cannot act as a complete measure of their achievements and overall character. Lots of educational professionals believe that league tables do not promote a love of teaching and learning but instead encourage teachers to teach only for exam grades and statistics. Yes, league tables will show the average grades of a year group, but they won’t give you any insight into things like the extra-curricular activities available to students or what the pastoral care is like.

If you are looking for a new school for your child, you should do lots of research; don’t just look at the league tables. You should also browse the website, download the prospectus and check out the inspection reports. It’s also important to pay a visit to the school; there really is no substitute for this. Visiting a prospective school will give you a feel for what it is truly like and whether or not your child will fit in and be comfortable there. During your visit, think about things like the safety and cleanliness of the building, the approachability of the teaching staff and the available facilities. What is the lunch room like? Do the current students seem well-adjusted? Are the teachers friendly? Ask lots of questions and let your child get involved with the decision.

You need to figure out what your priorities are as a family and eventually you should go with your gut. After all, you know your own child better than anyone and the way you will measure their success, which probably won’t be by a league table.

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