5 Ways to Have a Stress Free Holiday with Kids


Are you avoiding your summer holiday this year? Does the thought of a stress-free holiday seem like a dream? Holidays with the kids are meant to be the perfect time to get to know each other, unwind after a year of work and school, and spend some quality time together. However, more often than not, family holidays can turn into nightmares, from sunburn to screaming children (and parents).

To make your holiday as relaxing as possible, here are some holiday ideas that could rejuvenate your idea of the perfect family holiday.

1. Book a Cruise
Cruises are perfect for families as they offer a variety of locations and entertainment to keep every member of the family entertained throughout the duration of your stay. Not only this, but cruises include food and accommodation in a package that you are able to book with one click of your mouse, forgoing much of the stress of holiday planning. What's more, cruises travel to some of the most family-friendly and beautiful places on earth, such as Mediterranean cruise holidays, which can give your family the sun, sea and sand that they deserve.

2. Consider a Staycation
If the thought of travel sends you into a frenzy, consider a staycation for you and your family. Kids don’t need 30-degree weather or Disneyland to enjoy themselves, and they are just as happy running around their hometown or another location in the UK as they are in an exotic location. There are many beautiful and child-friendly destinations within the UK, including Cumbria and the Lake District, Cornwall and Devon, and seaside towns such as Weymouth and Brighton.

3. Travel With Another Family
Do you struggle to balance looking after the kids with your own relaxation? There is no need to forfeit your own enjoyment of the holiday when you have kids, and one of the best ways to overcome this is to travel with another family. Travelling with another family will allow you to split childcare and give your kids other children of their own age to play with during any downtime.

4. Travel on Short, Direct Flights
If you do have to opt for air travel, it is important to look at travelling on short, direct flights to reach your destination. Most of these flights will travel to places in the rest of Europe, such as France, Hungary, and even Iceland. Not only do short flights still give you a wide range of beautiful countries to choose from, but they help your kids to feel more comfortable about flying, and reduce any tantrums that long flights and boredom may provoke.

5. Opt for Self-Catered Accommodation
If you don’t want to feel like sardines, then you might want to look into hiring self-catered accommodation for the duration of your stay. Self-catered accommodation will give you the opportunity to act according to your own schedule, with no set times for meals or check-out. Not only will you be able to cook food that the fussy eaters in your family will like, but self-catered accommodation will give your children the space that they need to burn off steam.


  1. I enjoy reading your varied posts. I highly recommend short direct flights when travelling with children but had never thought about travelling with another family. Good suggestion.

  2. Some great tips thanks!

  3. thanks for the fab advice - it can be a nightmare, but hopefully following a few of these tips will help xx

  4. Useful tips I prefer the shorter trips as my kids get travel sick :-)