3 Easy Hairstyles Using Wigs


Choosing to wear a wig comes from many aspects. And the style you go for will depend on the reason why you’re buying it in the first place. And there are three main reasons why people decide to wear a wig in the first place.

Hair loss - There are quite a few different diseases that can cause mild to severe hair loss which is very traumatic and unfortunate, especially for women. Wigs are lifesavers in this circumstance can give that much needed hair during the treatment and afterwards too.

Easy To Manage - Wearing a wig is easy to manage, and sometimes people find that it's easier than their own hair. Some hair types are just hard to style whereas wigs already come pre-styled and flawless, and can be styled whilst not on the head too.

Fancy A Change - The last reason for wearing a wig is that it makes it easier to change hairstyles without having to wait for your hair to grow, use chemicals and dry out and damage your own hair. If you like experimenting with your look, you can choose whichever style you like best and go for something completely different than your natural hair.

It is amazing how easy it is to change up the look of your wig by using a few styling products and accessories to give it your own twist. Here are some fun and easy ways you can use Nia Wigs to change up your style and stay on trend.

The Ponytail
Super easy to put together, and similar to do as you would your own hair. Gather all the wigs hair in a simple elastic band and tie together in at back of your head, as high or low as you'd prefer. Be sure to keep a few strands of hair loose in the front to frame your face nicely. And then, to hide the elastic band I like to take a few strands of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band, securing it into place with a bobby pin.

Braids Braids Braids
Braids can be used to bring to life any long wig style. With a wig, it's probably best to go for a half braided do, to help easily mask any edges of the wig, and maybe going for lace front wigs as these look more natural at the front, where it'll be mostly on show. Start by parting your hair directly down the middle of your head, and then starting at the front, braiding backwards, trying to keep it fairly loose at the edges to mask any edge of the wig.

Curly Style
I find that curling my own hair is a no go - I just can;t get it right on myself, and doing the back just seems impossible. A lot of wigs come pre-styled though which means you can have bouncy curls, or wavy locks whenever you want. What's more, when it does come to preening if yourself, you can do it whilst the wig is off your head to make sure you get right at the back. 

Straight To The Max
The most simple way to wear a long wig is just as it comes, straight! You can straighten a wig that has a wave or curls using a heated iron only if your wig is made from human hair, such as the super luxurious virgin hair wigs, or top quality synthetic hair that can take the heat. Simply brush out your luscious locks and get to straightening. Like with your own hair, take it in small sections and always keep your hot tool moving when applied to the hair to stop scorching. Never hold it directly on your hair for longer than 3 seconds without moving it along your hair.


  1. I've had a couple of girlfriends in the past that suffered with hair loss. Wigs were not a problem to me, and it made them feel so much better!

  2. I could never get mine to look right during chemo. I gave up in the end and wore beanies.