Why Product Testing Can Be Lucrative

Looking for new opportunities to increase your income? If you're looking for opportunities that offer the best of both worlds, earning extra income by participating in market research and product testing may be for you. With options to work at-home or in-person, it's a great way to try out new products, and maybe even earn some cash from it. 

Product testing is basically the analysis and evaluation of products for their look, performance and their fit for purpose from the specifications. This article over on Qualtrics https://www.qualtrics.com/experience-management/product/how-concept-test/ has information about concept testing, which is just one type of testing, that brands may look to do, so could be worth familiarizing yourself with if you are thinking about signing up for product testing to get an idea of what you might be doing. Dozens of market research companies around the world work on behalf of brands to predict whether a new product is going to fly off the shelves, and they are always on the look out for new testers.

I guess you could consider some of my reviews a part of product testing, although mine are usually about products that are already on the market and readily available, whereas a lot of items from product testing sites might be new to the market, or new scents, flavours colours etc.

In exchange for your time, expect to receive free products to keep (or sell online which I'll talk more about below) and even cash. There are so many research companies out there that I couldn't really predict the best product testing site. It's all about personal preference, so it's good to sign up to a few to get the feel for them. Plus, sometimes you could be waiting a while to be accepted onto a campaign as most testers are picked based upon their suitability to the item available, i.e. there's no point testing hair dye if you're bald.

A testing expert gets to taste, feel and use a range of products before they go live. While some assignments may involve working at home, some might need you to visit the business or its testing facility or a lab, click here now to read about state-of-the-art mass comparators which, if you're into that thing, could really work well for you if product testing in a secure lab.

You can sign up to places for so many options when it comes to product testing. If you're into gaming chairs, click here to see examples to these, cosmetics, food, or even lab equipment if you're an industry professional, it's all about getting yourself out there and being available for a range of products. But a lot of market research and product testing is usually for smaller things, especially to start off with. I've had cleaning products and children's snacks, which although don't actually generate any income, do save me off my shopping bill. 

While a lot of this wont generate income, as a lot of product testing sites pay in product rather than money, you can save money in the long run by not having to purchase the items yourself. And of course, you can try items and then sell them once you're finished with the testing. Last year I signed up to test a new printer on the market, after using it and completing my assignment for it, I sold it for a £150 profit. Nice amount for a couple hours work. 

So if you don't mind sparing a bit of time each week completing surveys, checking out websites, and being proactive, then get signing up to some product testing websites as the rewards can be great.