Using A Fitness Tracker To Push Myself

Some people confuse fitness watches with smartwatches, but they are not quite the same thing. Smartwatches are an extension for your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications and control apps from your wrist. But nowadays, some modern fitness trackers do this also. 

Fitness watches are different though and although some do allow you to use some phone capabilities, their main purpose is to collect health data. These fitness watches can differ in terms of accuracy and also range in price from £30 to £500+.

Providing a great way of monitoring your daily activity, fitness trackers go from just being able to count steps, to tracking your heart rate, the activities you're doing and showing you workouts right on your wrist. There are many girls smart watches and ones for boys too, it's just a case of looking around, seeing what you want yours for, and choosing the one that suits your needs the most. 

For me, I personally think that wearing a fitness watch is a fitness essential to keep your momentum up. We often don't realise how little we are moving, me especially as I work from home and sometimes sit in the same space for hours without much movement. Modern fitness watches have the ability to let you know when to move, to remind you to move, and tell you when you need to be gaining more steps. 

I have tried a few fitness watches over the years, but my favourite so far has been the Fitbit Charge 3 which is my current one. I quite like the design of it, the fact that the straps hold secure, and how you can change the screen to suit what you want to be shown on it. 

It has a battery life of up to six days which means I'm not constantly taking it off to charge, and it features activity tracking and a heart rate tracker which has come in handy. My favourite thing is that it is waterproof though. I swim a lot and love that it tracks how many lengths I have swam, how fast each length took and the full duration of my time in the pool.

But it's not only that. The fact that you can search for your friends in the app, and compete with them in daily, weekly or goal based challenges, means that it is a great way to keep up the physical activity in a fun way. My husband and I compete all the time, but the fact that he works in manual labour, means that I usually lose.

Whatever it is. Whether it's counting my steps, my heart rate, or helping with breathing techniques, I feel that my fitness watch has really made a difference to my overall fitness levels, and has been a great way to check my progress over a longer period of time to see how much my habits have changed. 

What about you. Do you use a fitness tracker, and do you find that it helps you move more?


  1. Good luck! I did have one but got sick of charging it up and taking it off to do washing up etc!

  2. I so want one of these,thanks for sharing x

  3. They really do help motivate

  4. I have been meaning to check these out for a while. Thanks for the post.

  5. Laura Roots03:58

    Thanks for your post! I'm starting my heathly eating and exercise tomorrow and these look great! ��

  6. I really need one - there are days when I never go outside the house, and that has got to stop!