The Rise Of The Fiat 500

You may be acquainted with the Fiat 500 as the cute, quirky car we've all grown to love, or loathe if you're into big cars. However, it may surprise you to know that it is much older than you think and wasn't originally made for those who were looking for a fashion statement, and instead started of as a cheap runaround. 

Launched in 1957, it was marketed by Fiat Automobiles as the low cost car and it quickly became known as one of the first city cars. And in 1975, production was stopped, that was until 2007 saw the preview of the all new Fiat 500.

The new design kept very close to the original with its retro look but updated the technology and made it more relevant to the world we live in today. Enter the new era of Fiat 500 fans who love it for its stylish design and small capabilities. 

The Fiat 500 has pretty much cornered the market for designer urban cars, thanks to its combination of style and affordability. And if you do need a tune up for your precious runaround, you can find spare parts for the Italian car brand available online here www.bestPARTSTORE.CO.UK so you can always keep your little car in tip top condition.

And nowadays, the Fiat 500 is known for being small and agile, perfect for those city roads whilst also being a great little car to drive, being the car of choice for the modern woman.

What's more, the Fiat 500 isn't just loved for its ultra stylish external and internal aspects, but because it is such a fantastic car to drive too. It has amazing handling and braking, and is so smooth to drive. 

So, if you're looking for a car that looks so ultra modern on the outside, but has been a staple car since 1957, then the Fiat 500 might be the car for you.


  1. I think it's cute!

  2. I love these cars x

  3. Didnt think it was that old - a fab lottle BEAUTY

  4. They are iconic and cute, and perfect for city living like you say!