Should Everyone Go To College?

Some people think it is okay not to go to college. I personally believe that everyone should attend college, or some sort of education, when they leave school. College is an important step in life it helps you get the chance to improve in education, more focused on the certain subjects you want to study. 

And it doesn't need to be college itself. Higher education, apprenticeships or in work qualifications, as long as you are leaning a new course that will help better yourself and your understanding of the career path you choose, then it's important to do.

I get it though, it can cost a pretty penny to further your education. Going to college can mean needing to apply for funding, especially if you'll be needing to move to a new city to study. But luckily Sparkrock school finance software or the like are really good at looking at your needs and working out what is available for you. It's also important o speak to the college you want to attend as they may provide some assistance when it comes to finding somewhere to live, practical home tips, and finding employment too. 

When it comes to exams, they can be a bit stressful and I think that is something that puts people off. It's a good idea to try to not focus on them all the time and keep your mind active. I find yoga and meditation are a great way to clear the mind, and keep the body flowing. But when you are in exam prep mode, it's a good idea to learn how to order breakfast delivery so you have a good meal before starting. Sit down and work out the best way for you going forward. Maybe have a set time that you'll revise, and then some time to have a break, grab some food, go for a walk to stretch your legs, always keep in mind that you need to keep your body active so that your mind stays active too. 

But most importantly, going to college means you can learn to do what ever you want to do in the future. Whether you want to be a teacher, doctor or be able to use a great laser annealing machine in your day job, there are so many courses out there, it's just a case of looking around to find the right college for you. And also, don't just look to the places that are close by as other places may offer a better course for what you want to do. 

However, some students think it's okay not to attend college because the job that they currently want later in life does not require it. But think about it, if you want to get a better job later and get a better wage each month, as well as being qualified enough to take on job promotions, then spending some extra time learning will really benefit you in later life. This is why everyone should attend college even if the job they want later in life does not require a college degree.


  1. I agree, as long as the course gives temporary employment access so the individual can get a taste of what their intended job/career entails.