My Property Investment Dreams

Those are the days when we have enough money to choose what we want to do with life. Where we don't have to worry about pay cheques and waiting for pay days, but being able to spend money on nearly anything we want. 

I'm sure we all have that dream. A windfall on the lottery, a family inheritance, or if you've sold your cryptocurrency and made a profit after exchanging via a company such as Virgo CX, we all daydream about what we'd do if we had shed loads of cash and no debts to pay each month.

For me, I think the best course of action would be to invest a big chunk of it as that is a sure fire way to protect your money and give you more profits in the future. And the most stable way to do that, is with real estate. 

Real estate is big business and is a great future investment for your money. It would not only mean that you would own your own piece of land, but also that you can always sell it, if in the future you need the capital for whatever reason.

And you can go anywhere you want when it comes to buying properties. I'd look for some luxury homes abroad such as using Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service to find apartments in Canada as that is a country I have always wanted to visit. But then I'd love to go worldwide. 

Maybe a nice villa in some European cities, such as Spain and Italy, and then jaunting further afield with an apartment in a complex in Mexico or the Bahamas. And having a property in different places would mean I could pop over whenever I wanted without having to find somewhere to stay, just a plane ticket and I'd be there. 

Not only would this but I'd be able to up my revenue by renting them out each week to holiday makers who are on the look out for luxury rentals. I'd kit them out fully, with no expense spared. A huge fitted kitchen with modern bar stools to enjoy breakfast at. A beautiful lounge with space for families and children to spread out. And gorgeous bedrooms, with plenty of bathrooms so that no one ever needs to fight over who gets in first. 

But most of all, I'd research the best place to buy in, and make sure they're the countries I've always wanted to visit. I mean, why not purchase, rent out, make a profit and then keep buying. Heck I'd aim to have a home in every major country if I could. The ones where I know people are always looking for holiday lets, and the areas that are up market, near the beach, and with plenty of outdoor space.

This has been my dream for, well I don't know how long. Since as long as I can remember. But you never know, one day it might happen. If you had all the money you ever needed, what would you do with it?


  1. I would definitely buy property and rent it out, so not only would I still have some say in the property, but I would be getting an income every month from the let.

  2. If I had all the money I needed I would make sure it was well invested to provide me with the income I require.
    A lot of properties would need a lot of maintenance and looking after....