My Husband's Mini Mid Life Crisis

Now, don't get me wrong, when I say midlife crisis, I mean that he's wanting to try and act younger, and focusing new styles rather than anything more serious, but I thought I'd write about it as not many people talk about what it feels like when men just up and change, what feels like overnight. 

It's essential for you to know that nothing you do or say will help your spouse snap out of it or become the partner you once knew. That doesn’t mean you have to give up hope. People beat the odds daily.

My husband seems to have turned into a hippy somewhat. Growing his beard out and sculpting his hair more as the bald style is in fashion at the moment using such as an Omnicord to make sure it is precise. Then taking care of the fact that he shaves a lot by using serums to protect his scalp such as scalp serum from OuttaSightHair.com. This feels so odd for my husband as he wasn't never someone who took care of his skin much. Don't get me wrong, I'm all up for him taking care of himself better like. 

And then he seems to be into vehicles a lot more. My husband cannot drive, so it's me that does all the travelling, but recently he's been loving old style vehicles and trying out new drones too, searching for the best mavic 2 pro that he can fly up and around. I mean, it's nice that he's got these new hobbies, and it does really give him something else to focus on, and might mean that he may go for his driving lessons soon so I'm not the only one driving so there are positives. 

I guess, when you look at it, it probably doesn't seem to bad. But do you know when you're just used to something so much, and then it changes. It's that feeling at the moment. I guess at the end of the day, it is my problem, and not his, so here are my 3 tips for if you think your man is going through a mini mid life crisis. 

Get A Life
Maybe that's all he's doing. Maybe he just wants to try new things, and why shouldn't he? Find things that you want to do with your life and maybe try to get a life yourself. Take up a hobby, join a gym, take that girls holiday you've wanted to take for years. At the end of the day, the only life you have any control over is your own and if you want it to be a good one, then make sure it's good for you.

Practice Acceptance
Change isn’t easy, I get that. Surviving your husbands mid life crisis means working with what you have, not continually pondering what you used to want. To live a happy, fulfilling life you must accept what is happening at this moment in your marriage. Acceptance isn't easy, especially when his new hobbies might be expensive, but the sooner you get to a place of acceptance, the sooner you will overcome his decisions. 

Be Patient
You know what, that new hobby might be time consuming at the moment, but he'll probably get bored. Don't we all when we start something new and then realise it's not for us. I mean, there may be every chance that it's something he really loves and wants to continue doing, but in that case, as long as it's healthy for your husband, then it should be important for you to understand it and see why he likes it so much. Don't become impatient and try to rush the process.


  1. As a single mum, I haven't experienced it with a partner, but do recall my mam talking about my dad's midlife crisis/the male menopause. He had similar changes. As both men and woman pass through the menopause then both sees need to understand the changes and learn to adapt and accept x

  2. My fiance's not had one yet x

  3. Yes, I think this is nature at work so it is best to support your partner. My midlife crisis involved me wearing yellow or red trainers and bright checked trousers to work and just about everywhere else. I needed to do it and it wasn't hurting anyone. I grew out of it eventually.

  4. Timelove and patience will see you through

  5. I don't think I've ever had one. Since I stopped playing sport, I really have had the same style in clothing, hair and everything for many years!