Keeping Your Cool In Your Work Environment

Things are getting stressful, everyone wants something from you, and you just want to flip out and scream? That doesn’t have to be the case as there are plenty of ways to keep your cool in unpleasant situations. We have a few tips that will help you keep your composure.

Keeping your cool, especially during stressful situations, is one of the most important attributes of a good leader. These tips will help you keep a clear head no matter how stressful your day.

Meditation and Self Love
Breathe. As simple as it sounds, it is effective. Take several deep breaths in and out, focusing on the breathing and nothing else. Or try counting to 10 as this is a good way to get more oxygen to your brain, putting you in a better position to concentrate on a constructive solution to any problem. You could also try high performance coaching from https://rebeccamountain.ca/program/high-performance-coaching/ to help you get through the working week.

Talk To Someone
This can help immensely. Talk to someone who doesn't work where you do, and can be just an ear to bend. They can help you assess the situation, and help you to come up with a solution. You never know, it might not be as bad as you initially thought. 

Focus On The Solution
Not the problem! Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone is talking over each other and nothing useful is being accomplished because of this. The best course of action in this situation is to just not focus on the problem they are all facing and instead, focus on the solution that you can give to make things better. You'll walk away knowing you stayed above the fray, and your superiors will recognise your constructive contribution.

Escape The Situation
Go out for a break so you can grab a quick coffee, or go for a walk around the block to clear your head. If all else fails, book some time off and go away somewhere. You could use https://www.sbtravel.com/ to find a luxury holiday, or even go on a cruise, turning off your phone so you don't need to deal with any work quarrels spilling over into your free time. 

Protect Your Business
You can sign up to sites to protect your website from hackers and payment fraud so this wont stress you out in the long run when you have to deal with it yourself. Software from the likes of https://www.paay.co/ can really help with the protocol of working out if someone is who they say they are. Thus stopping any stressful situations that make arise due to this. 

Get A New Perspective
It could be worse - just remember that. We get it, work problems can be so stressful, tire you out and make you feel like rubbish at times, but it'll pass. Sometimes you've just got to remember what you have, and how lucky you are. Try to visualise that and remember that you've got this!


  1. Another thoughtful post. Thinking how others see you and respond to you in a shared workspace is important if you are prone to getting stressed out.

  2. Great post,you do write some good articles x