How Yoga Keeps Me Grounded

The word grounded gets used a lot in yoga, and probably in life too. The word grounded actually has real meaning when it comes to yoga and it can be particularly significant at this time of the year when it’s so easy to lose our sense of balance. You know, we've just started a new year, everyone has started failing at their New Years Resolutions, and we just feel at loss with what to do, what day it is, and even where our head is at.

If your mind is buzzing all over the place, then take your focus out of your head and into the physical shape of the poses you are doing. This is also a simple way of diffusing stress that can overwhelm our minds at this time of year. Feeling grounded is important not just physically, but psychologically too. When we find a connection to the earth, we connect to something much bigger than ourselves.

You Can Do It Anywhere
And the best thing about yoga, is you don't need much space to be able to practice some moves. You can work it to where you are, and do it for as little or any long as you want to calm your body down. As someone who is a nervous flyer, I find Yoga Breathing (Pranayama), Eagle Arms and doing the Cow Pose can really relieve tension without having to get into my seat neighbours personal space. 

When doing any yoga on board a plane, I always opt for using compression socks, such as some from legioncompressionsocks.com, as this means that I get added pressure through my legs, keeping the blood flowing as I meditate. 

Just Breathe
This might sound a bit obvious, but rushing around every day can easily create a divide between body and breath and this can make us feel like our heads are literally spinning. The easiest way to quickly feel more settled is to stop what you are doing, and breathe. Closing you eyes, and doing a few deeps breathes over the course of a few minutes can really slow down the mind, with this simple act. You can click here to check out an amazing range of water bottles that are ideal for keeping hydrated whilst doing your poses, and practising your breathing techniques. 

Join The Movement
You can be part of a great 3rd order dedicated to the empowerment and betterment of humanity through spirituality and service to all without having to actively be part of a religious movement at all times. You can be wanting to learn about spiritual practices without giving yourself fully. And That's exactly how I feel when it comes to yoga. I like how it makes me feel as a person, as a woman, but like that I can compartmentalise it, and spare some time each day, just to be by myself, in some poses. Just me and the ground beneath me.

There are plenty more ways that yoga can help us feel more grounded and more balanced, it's just a case of giving it a try and seeing how it feels to you. So take another minute to ground yourself. Feel the strength in the fact that you are a part of the Earth, and you are fully supported. Connect to your roots.


  1. I attend Yoga classes and find it calming and it keeps me fit!

  2. Yoga is so good for Mental Health

  3. Certainly has a massive impact on health