How To Survive A Driving Holiday With Children

Spain is our favourite country to holiday in. It doesn't have to be all about the beaches and warm weather though, as there are so many hidden gems around mainland Spain, you just need to know where to look. Had we not tried a road trip, we would have missed small towns that are filled with Roman ruins and friendly people, amazing seafood, and beautiful countryside filled with sunshine and cultural surroundings.

Doing a driving holiday gave us so much more for our money than just simply flying abroad. It was just a case of getting short term car insurance and packing the car up for us all. We did a lot of research planning our trip, trying to pick stops that were unique and would offer a different perspective on Spain, and give us some time to regroup after a few hours travelling with children.

But being in the car for all those hours can take its toll, and so here are some tips on what to pack for a family driving holiday.

  • Plan where you're going before travelling. Check out every little town you'll be passing through, or near, and see what it has to offer. So many places are off the beaten track and driving gives you more chance to visit them. Plan stops often, that gives you a chance to stretch your legs and have some food, but also to explore the area too. 

  • Car-friendly kids entertainment is a must for a family road trip. Think along the lines of magnetic board games, washable markers and colouring books. If your children are older then you could even go for handheld video games or a portable DVD player. And if, like me, your kids struggle to read or look at screens while in transit, you could download and audiobook so they can listen along to a story.

  • Wholesome food and drink. The drive-thru experience may be a classic when travelling, but there are only so many times you can eat burger and chips before you get a bit sick of it. And to be honest, wholesome foods will be so much better for children too. Keep some healthy snacks and drinks in the car for when children get peckish, and then stop off every now and then to have some authentic food from the country you are in. 

  • Portable electronic chargers are a must. There's nothing worse when on the road than a tablet dying halfway through a movie, or a phone running out of juice when you're using it as a satnav. It's a good idea to invest in a portable charger which can charge up most electricals whilst your travelling.


  1. Great tips. It is a kind of holiday I have never considered taking with my children!

  2. Great tips i go on hols with my brother and nephews,so i'll show him this x

  3. Some sort of map (or map app these days) is good for getting kids used to map reading and knowing when to look out for upcoming landmarks.