How to Help Your Child With their Homework

In most homes, the word “homework” has negative connotations for kids. They tend to find it boring and would usually prefer to socialise, play or do just about anything else. Unfortunately, homework is an unavoidable aspect of school life, so it may fall to you as a parent to help your child get through it and even potentially make it a little more enjoyable. Read on for some advice from a prep school in the South West.

Children tend to thrive when they have one to one attention from a parent or another authoritative figure that they respect. With that said, try and make time for your child during homework sessions so that you can help them figure out the answers to difficult questions. They are far more likely to give up from frustration if they are alone and struggling.

Try and motivate your child as much as possible. You could use a sticker chart, a trip out or a little gift; whatever floats their boat. The idea is to encourage your child to complete their homework on time and try hard, so reward them when they get their work done, handing it in on time, not moaning about having to do it, and getting good feedback from their teachers.

Another way to make homework a little more bearable for your youngsters is to invite a homework buddy round. Everything is more fun with friends, right? Perhaps you can have the little study buddy round for a meal and whilst you’re cooking, the pair of them can get on with their homework.

Essentially, you need to try and take the pressure off a little bit and make homework feel less serious. In doing so, your child is sure to find it a little easier to get on with. For more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your child’s school..


  1. Cheers - help not hinder - motivate to succeed

  2. Some good tips thanks. My four tend to all sit down together to do their homework x

  3. Motivation and reward are good starting points. Understanding the benefits of completing tasks you don't really want to do so that the rest of the afternoon or evening is free stands children in good stead as adults.

  4. very applicable right now!