How To Clean Your Home Like A Professional

When you want a clean house, there’s no reason why you can’t take some professional cleaning tips on board, apply some elbow grease and clean like a professional yourself. Whether your house is big or small, or contains kids, pets or a small business in the front room, there are many ways you can clean it like a professional, without spending a fortune.

Here are professional cleaning tips from Yorkshire commercial cleaning company, It’s Clean:

Be organised – You should start off by keeping all your tools and materials together in one place, so you are not wasting time looking for things and you can carry everything from room-to-room. Time is money, so if you are cleaning everything yourself then every minute counts. You should also draw up a schedule to help you plan and prioritise your cleaning. This should programme what needs doing daily, weekly or even monthly, it will ensure all areas get covered and it will make sure you stick to it.

Get tools right – You need to assess each room individually and work out what you need to carry out a professional clean, and whether you have the tools and materials for the job. This may require some initial investment but it will be worth it in the long term, so you might need long dusters to reach every corner, some stepladders, the right cleaning materials for each surface, the right cloths for streak-free doors and windows (and check these at different times of day as different light throws up grease marks that aren’t visible at other times) buckets, mops and brushes.

Efficiency – Avoiding one-use items that are instantly thrown away can save you money and time, but you can also use cleaning materials that are suitable for multiple surfaces. Another efficiency move is to start in the bathroom, where chemicals can be left to soak in with time to react to fight bacteria and limescale etc. Whilst that is working away you can empty bins or dust or vac other rooms, and then come back to it.

Implement tidiness – We’re sure this is a constant battle anyway, but instilling some discipline in the house can save you a lot of time and hassle when you are getting ready to clean. You can de-clutter generally, but also put in systems to make it easier for your household to keep things tidy and employ best practice. This can include shoe racks, store cupboards, internal recycling bins, toy boxes and laundry baskets.

Windows – These can create a big impression if done right and can be really noticeable if done wrong, so get the right cleaning materials and the right cloths to dry and buff the glass. It might be trial and error at first, but when you find something that works, stick to it. The same applies to a glass shower cubicle, if you have one. Done right it creates a dramatic sparkle that really makes a difference.

Vacuuming – First of all, invest in a decent vacuum cleaner as it will become your most important tool. But it is quicker and easier to vac all floor surfaces than sweep them, including tiles and wood flooring, after that you can mop them. Dust collects where you can’t see it, so for that professional look you should vac everything. The same applies to dusting in the living room or bedrooms. Dust gets everywhere, so give everything a quick wipe before spraying with polish.

The kitchen sink deserves attention – This takes a lot of hammer, all day and every day. But when it is clean and shiny it looks great and radiates a professional appearance, so give the kitchen sink regular attention and it will make people notice.

A nice smell when you finish – Completing a professional clean should give you great satisfaction, and you should reward yourself with a nice scented candle to help you relax and find contentment in your lovely clean home. Nice candles can elongate the feel of a professional clean and for the first few minutes can mask the harsh smell of floor cleaner or furniture polish, if you have just used them.

Ultimately, the first clean will always be the worst, but once you have established some standards, landed on a schedule and routine that works and got all your tools and materials together, a professional clean will get much easier and become something you can stick to.

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  1. My wife ensures we clean the whole house every week! One or two rooms get cleaned every day.
    I've fond the Eco Cloths are very good at cleaning glass, without using any chemicals at all! Just a little elbow grease!