Buddha, The Body and Rose Gold. My Love Of The Eclectic

It’s the off-piste, unconventional intermixing and intermingling of ideas and a broad range of styles that make an eclectic interior, and if you saw my house then you'd know just how much I love a bit of eclectic style. 

And how I like to mismatch different fashions to create my own styles. But I guess that is what eclectic style is - the mash up of designs, and an interior that is banging to your own drum. My top 3 things are anything rose gold, to do with the body, and Buddhas. A varied style, wouldn't you say?

Rose Gold
I have so many rose gold items. And if I love something so much, I might also get it in copper, just because these 2 colours are quite similar and are interchangeable in my house. From vases and storage, to frames and wall hangings, it;s like I see something with a metallic shimmer and just have to buy it. But even I know that there's no need to put my entire collection on display all at once. 

To maintain an environment that's full of character, I like to change them up. Keep some back and rotate my accessories in the home, mainly my bedroom to be fair, and then it keeps my room looking, and feeling, fresh. Although, I do think that if I keep collecting then I'll end up needing a Calhoun Super Structure to keep all my bits in, as at this rate my house will explode with a firework or rose gold and copper accessories. 

My Love Of Buddhas
My dream is to one day visit City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, or Cttb as it is mostly known as. But until then, I have a whole collection of Buddhas that I just adore. I think I may have got this love from my grandma as she is also obsessed, with them all over her house. And even though eclectic style does involve combining styles and periods through a wide variety of items, the curated look shouldn't lack focus, and so I like to have one big chunky Buddha on display, and then a few smaller ones dotted around, so as to not overwhelm the space with them. 

The Body
To be honest, the body has always fascinated me. I was so excited with the Hirst sculptures went on display in Leeds city centre recently as it was a great way to see the body in a huge format. I think a lot of people find it intimidating, looking at the insides of the body, but I find it beautiful. It's just so amazing how the body works. A lot of people like sculptures with a heart symbolising love, but I want one such as https://www.candent.ca/heart-model-44-2-parts.html, which shows off what the heart is really made of. 

It's weird isn't it. I mean, to look at these styles, you wouldn't think one person would like a mix of them, but I guess that's what makes us all different. What about you - do you have a style that others might find a bit eclectic?


  1. All to their own - that's what I say x

  2. What an interesting list! These things tell our story and make us feel happy and comfortable in our home. I have a bit of a thing about pigeons and doves and find their beauty and gentleness quite compelling.

  3. I studied Buddhism,very peaceful lifestyle

  4. Great post - spirituality is amazing

  5. We have a wooden Buddha's head in our house, a very calming thing to look at. But most of our furniture and decor has an Art Deco feel!