Simple ways to increase natural light in your home

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Aldous Huxley famously envisaged how profoundly our perception of life would change, were the doors of perception cleansed. One thing he omitted, however, was how profound the impact of natural light could be on the ambience of any room.

Admittedly, he was searching far beyond the reaches of physical spaces, and into the soul – but natural light can be a great way to improve mood, regardless. Here are several simple ways to introduce more of it to your home.

Replace windows and doors
Let’s get the most obvious solution out of the way first. The likes of bi-fold patio doors, and doors with large, robust glass interiors can quickly, and completely transform the amount of natural light that gets in. Velux windows in flat roofs and lofts are also great ways to add clear, crisp daylight to your interior – especially in bedrooms.

Conservatories, too, can be enjoyed throughout the year, with Guardian Warm Roofs enhancing their insulation properties in recent years. A company like Findley, roofers in Hartlepool, can take care of all your windows, doors, and conservatory needs.

Photo by Carlos Caamal from Pexels

Add versatile furnishings
With the simpler, and certainly more expensive option out of the way, we move on to enhancing the natural light that’s already in your home. SophieRobinson.co.uk advises the precise placement of mirrors, preferably directly opposite windows, which can not only make the natural light in any room more prominent – it can also make rooms feel more spacious too.

Shiny surfaces , particularly in the kitchen, can also help light to spread naturally throughout the home, while metallic, glass and mirrored accessories all chip in with a little more clarity.

Grab your ‘big scissors’
Or shears, as you may call them if you actually use them from time to time. If you have trees, hedges, pot plants or wall-plants outside your property, then keep their leaves and branches away from your windows and doors.

While it’s a rare situation, it’s not actually completely uncommon for neighbours to have a good, back-and-forth, ‘ding-dong’ over trees and hedges blocking natural light into other properties. In fact, it’s such ‘a thing’ that there’s actually such a thing as a ‘High Hedge Notice’ – so do look out for your own fauna blocking natural light from your neighbours’ homes too.

Introduce lighter colours
There’s that old idea that you need to paint a new home bright white, in order to see it as a ‘blank canvas’. To let natural light in, you don’t need to go that far, but the theory still applies. Stark white walls, in fact, can be a bad idea for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light, as they tend to look grey and gloomy.

However, light-friendly flooring, just as wood, ceramic and stone floors, can help to brighten up light walls, and pale, pastel colours on the walls and ceiling can keep natural light calm – while still helping to brighten up the property. And one last thing – if your window cleaner hasn’t been in a while, do get rid of any dirt and debris that’s built up on your windows outside. A quick clean of all your existing shiny and reflective surfaces could go a long way to letting a little extra natural light into your home.


  1. Good idea, definitely a fan of natural light.

  2. Hannah Rowley21:13

    Wow fab idea!

  3. Very sensible advice. Lights and lighting are really important both at hoe and in business. I tend to avoid shops or cafes that are poorly lit as they are so unwelcoming.

  4. Love white pain in a home. Love the idea of lighter colours

  5. Great ideas thanks

  6. Great article! Our house is quite light. We have every wall painted in Ivory which helps. The only dark-ish bit is the hallway, where we have used two mirrors to make it brighter!

  7. Great ideas for letting in the light which is extra importany at this time of the year!

  8. I love natural light, and since we had our conservatory fitted it has definitely been a life changer, I use this room to keep fit, by adding my exercise bike and using it on a daily basis.

  9. Been so dark and dreary - time tosee the light - Thankyou -