Black Box Insurance and the Benefits

There’s no denying that in some instances insurance premiums for drivers can be high, especially for young drivers.

However, those were met with excessive premiums don’t always have to succumb to these hefty fees, as black box car insurance can offer a cheaper alternative. 

More and more insurers are using telematics to offer insurance premiums that are aligned with the way a person drives their vehicle.

This means that the insurance premiums are only based on the way a person drives as opposed to statistics about their age and location.

As well as being suitable for young drivers, the use of black box insurance can also be useful to those trying to reduce insurance premiums following a motor conviction.

How Does Black Box Insurance Work?
In most instances, those that offer black box insurance will have a small black box connected to the vehicle which records a series of driving activity, although there can be instances where a smartphone app is used instead.

Drivers that have a physical black box installed will find that the device is connected beneath the casing of the steering wheel.

The black box will record a series of data about the journeys a vehicle makes, such as instances of harsh braking, the distance travelled and how fast the vehicle travels.

Those that have access to a smartphone app will find that they’re able to view all their statistics via the app itself, whereas those that have a physical black box installed will be given a dedicated dashboard to view areas that need improvement.

Those that are careful when driving will find that they’re able to reduce their premiums significantly and area that needs improvement can be viewed on the dedicated dashboard.

As well as black box insurance is perfect for those looking to reduce premiums on a private vehicle, it can be just as useful when it comes to hiring a car.

Can Black Box Insurance Be Used for Hire Cars?
Not only can black box insurance be useful for those trying to lower premiums on their own vehicle, but there are also instances where the insurance paid in relation to a hire car can be lowered.

Different car hire firms will offer quotations based on different sets of data, but those that are able to show that they’re a careful driver could find that the insurance is lowered significantly.

Of course, enquires will need to be made with the car hire firm to ensure it’s something that they can offer, but many are surprised at how easy and effective the use of black box insurance is when lowering premiums relation to car hire.

The Benefit of Black Box Insurance
The benefits of black box insurance ensure that those being faced with heavy insurance premiums are given an option of reducing these premiums, although it’s important to ensure that care is taken when driving.

Despite the many options and abundance of information offered by black box insurance, premiums will still be expensive if care isn’t taken on the road.


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