What Makes Your Home, Your Home?

All homes are different, both in their architectural design, the people who live within them, and the manner in which they are used. It can often feel quite odd moving into a new home and slowly designing the home to your own tastes over the years, as you remove, shift or adopt the additions made by the previous family into your own aesthetic.

But what makes your home, your home? Past any grand ideals of the best architecture or investing thousands in renovating or extending the entire property, what is it that helps you curate a home perfect for you, your family, and your daily lived experience? While practical tips such as having enough room to park your car in the driveway are important to consider, they are often catered for, and so it’s also worth looking at this from the perspective of emotional truth that you may have.

As far as that is considered, this thought experiment can truly help you learn more about yourself and how you use your home. Let us thing of many loving and worthwhile examples, that may just help you feel even more connected to your home space:

The Story Of Your Household
How can you best represent the story of your household, especially in a light that helps you illustrate the times you have spent there? Of course, in its own way, every home tells a story, and so this goal is somewhat achieved the moment you set about doing so. However, it’s worth considering just how you can maintain the past while still improving this space for the future. For example, consider the pencil lines against the one sidewall that have previously marked the growth of your children over the years. Instead of leaving this as a simple little notch in the door arch, it might be worth painting figures of your children up to that height on the wall, or stencilling beautiful letters that show your child’s name and the age in which they marked that.

Of course, little ideas like this can abound in many other areas too, such as how you display family photos, or present the trophies your child might have won, or the artwork they may have taking time to make. You are of course free to consider the items and memories that are important to you, but if you rarely do this, taking the time to celebrate your family within your own walls can be a tremendously worthwhile venture.

After all, if your home does not celebrate those within it, it will feel somewhat empty compared to how it could be. Additionally, celebrating your household in its own way can be important. Perhaps you’ll be interested in changing the name of the house to something that you can define yourself, or something that keeps in mind the historical past of the household, such as its conversion from serving as the local mill. These little personality flairs add up, and they can help any home feel more like your own property, a place you were always supposed to embody.

The Interests You Keep
While a home shouldn’t have to be obnoxious in its design or decoration, there’s no shame in lining the walls with the interests you keep. For example, if you’re a true movie buff, then backlit metal posters of vintage noir film posters along the entrance corridor to the house can add that little artistic flair.

This example, can help serve us for a few important points. It shows that while you may have thought about heading to a home furnishing store nearby and placing the items you purchase on the walls, this option is much more personal and actually has relevance to you. It also shows that while not every single decoration needs to be a part of your personality somehow, this option is often preferable to the neutered or neutral items that you question the purpose of from time to time.

Maybe you love skiing, and so a corner of your living room dedicated to your skiing photos and hanging your skiis above the mantlepiece as a form of unique decoration could be considered something you and your family enjoys. This example also illustrates that no matter how silly someone else might find the implementation of your decorations or home implements, you are free to enjoy this space how you wish.

The Tastes You Have
There are very many useful decorative and design ideals that pass from home renovation expert to home renovation expert. For example, clashing patterns, different styles of flooring within one space, too many clashing colors or too much clutter can always mean a room looks less than it is.

That being said, there’s no reason to chase perfection if it counters the tastes you may have. For example, perhaps you’re not happy with storing all of your preserves or spices in a cupboard to ‘clean up the ktichen space,’ instead you wish for them to be present among your countertops, proudly showing off your beautiful interest in cooking. 

Maybe cooking is not as important to other families, but to you it is everything, as well as sourcing important ingredients. What may serve as a storing cupboard for someone may serve as a place in which you hope to cure your own charcuterie, applying what you have learned from your past restaurant jobs. That’s completely fine. Perhaps you’re quite happy with keeping your vintage refrigerator for the time being, as you wish to invest in the best bean to cup coffee machine to make your entertainment needs a doddle. 

Never be afraid of outdoing or outright ignoring the hidden formula that seems so popular within interior design magazines, and get out there and live a little, no matter how silly it can seem. These confident measures help you apply your own love and attention to the home you have.

The Times You Spend
The memories you spend within your home are those that bind you to it. Our homes are the places in which we love and have mini-arguments with our family from time to time, or celebrate Christmas together, or relax on the sofa to read within. It’s important that you stay grateful for this, and thus set up your home for your interests in the best manner possible.

Perhaps you wish to implement a reading corner, or a proud bookshelf to display all of your collections, or even curate the most expensive media centre with 4k capabilities, surround sound speaker systems, a beautifully wide L shaped sofa and a footrest to help you relax in peace. Many can feel somewhat guilty when investing in their deepest guilty pleasures within their household, but if you can’t exercise this interest here, where can you?

The Relaxation You Enjoy
If you cannot relax well in your home, it is simply not complete. A home should be the place in which you feel the safest compared to any other location you could be. For that reason, it might be that making your home feel more like yours, especially after moving in, is to cater to this need. Purchasing a range of scented candles, comforting sofa cushions, or even a yoga room once the children have flown the nest can help this space take on that escapist fantasy necessary to feel restored and loved from time to time.

When you have your home set up in this way, coming home from a busy and stressful day at work will be a little more ideal, and that in itself can be thoroughly restorative to your physical and mental health.

The Nights You Spend
Without investing in your best sleeping setup, you’re going to struggle to adore your home in the way that you deserve to. Everyone deserves to have a healthy sleeping schedule, and while it’s not possible to click your fingers and pay for a good sleep, you can ensure that your home is well designed for this potential.

Investing in a great mattress, a nice bed frame, heating regulation be that in ventilation or even a heating unit, a set of high-quality bedsheets and applying all of the bells and whistles you find necessary can help you feel secure and well relaxed during the third of your life you’ll spend asleep or preparing to sleep. This in itself can help you love your household, no matter how humble it is, or how much work needs to be done for the most part.

In Conclusion
To conclude, a house is often what you make of it. To make a house a home, and moreover, to make it your home, giving up on perfection and instead developing the most beautiful applications for you and your family can help this take on a personality of its own, but one that fits within the life you all share here. Being afraid to take those steps can only prevent you from settling in, or make your home feel less one with you than ever.

With this advice, we hope you can feel nothing but peace, love and relaxation in this space.


  1. I love all the accessories and art work that make a home

  2. Our house is our HOME - much rather the lived in look rather than a show home - so many magical memories

  3. The people make the home more than the belongings

  4. Lots of family photos make our house a home!

  5. I have given up hoping for nice things that actually stay nice as children and pets tend to damage them. However, I now buy second hand furniture so it's not upsetting when a bowl of tomato soup is spilt all over it. My treat to call a house a home is an occasional piece of art on the walls.

  6. Pets make you house a home too!

  7. We are big fans of Art Deco, so we have a lot of Art Deco furniture and accessories. We each have our own room also, my little home office in the box room, and the spare bedroom is now my wife's craft room! At least we can't have any overnight visitors! lol

  8. Michelle Ferguson18:58

    My hubby and two crazy Labradors make our house a home

  9. My family makes our home, its a home of love

  10. My family makes our house a home, i have photos on the wall and the home is always filled with love and laughter

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