Should You Go Home Or Away This Festive Season?

Christmas is probably the busiest time of year. Every company comes alive over the festive period and pumps out so many Christmas themed activities for both children and adults. Going abroad to experience the real thing in a Scandinavian country is usually what people try to do, but did you know that we have so many amazing experiences right here in the UK? Without the high costs of travelling abroad that is. 

The UK isn't exactly the most obvious choice for a winter break. I mean, many of us plan foreign holidays in an attempt to escape our unpredictable weather forecasts. But in Winter, the UK can be a beautiful place to explore.

And to show just how amazing, and how much money you could save this year, Regatta have launched their Home or Away campaign to show just how much you can enjoy Christmas, and the festive period, at home. Travelling around the UK to various towns, to really get the feel of what our country can offer, and reducing your carbon footprint too.  

Visiting Santa
Obviously visiting Santa is at the top of most children's lists of things to do before Christmas, but you don't need to go all the way to Lapland to do this. I mean, the flights alone to Lapland can run £500+, and then you need to factor in where you'll stay, visiting Santa, and then the excursions whilst you're there. So as you can imagine, this can cost a pretty penny. There are many immersive experiences right here in the UK though, where children get to visit the big man, see reindeer, and helping the elves, without the trouble of travelling abroad in manic December.

Christmas Lights
I adore watching the Christmas lights being switched on. Everyone comes out, sips on hot chocolate, and watches as the whole area lights up in whites, greens, reds, and more bright colours, for the festive period. Why go abroad to watch the lights over there, when most UK cities host their very own lights switch on, so you can experience the magic of Christmas at home. With the Christmas market, a festive fairground and plenty of carols, the lights switch on in the UK is just as special as it is anywhere else. 

Christmas Markets
I don't know about you, but I adore the German markets at Christmas. And of course, the one in Cologne, Germany is the place to be when the city’s world-renowned Christmas markets open their gates, with their traditional wooden huts, and where the scents of Stollen and mulled wine hits the air. You don't always need to fly to Germany though. Most UK cities host their very own German Market, Christkindelmarkt is Leeds' annual traditional German Christmas market, and we go there every year to try the German foods, drink some mulled wine and watch all the twinkly lights  as they flash over the beautiful wooden huts. 

These are just a few of the options when you want to stay here in the UK. Make sure to check out the Regatta interactive map if you want some more ideas on how you can celebrate the Christmas period, right here...


  1. Only ever been away 3 times at Christmas - i prefer to be at home

  2. Home for me, too. I love seeing Christmas lights and visiting Christmas markets.

  3. Dare K21:54

    Home is where the heart is, even at Chrsitmas.

  4. I would never consider gooing away for Christmas!

  5. I love to stay in the UK for Christmas

  6. I have never been away at Christmas, always at home!

  7. We tend to go away for a few days over the festive period, but always stay home for Christmas day.

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