Great Hairstyle Ideas for Damaged Hair

Dealing with damaged hair can be frustrating. You want your hair to look nice, but the tools and products you use to create your hairdo are often the very things that caused your damaged hair in the first place. It's hard to strike a balance between having a nice hairstyle, but not using too many products that can damage your hair.

I thought I'd talk about those hairstyles that don't overuse the damaging products, and a few tips to help protect your hair. And this post is written in conjunction with Lily Hair.

Start off on the right foot!
Shampooing and conditioning correctly are the keys to getting off to the right start in styling damaged hair. How you wash, dry and condition your damaged locks will determine your hair's health and how it looks.

When selecting a shampoo go for a product with restorative qualities, and opt for a sulfate-free shampoo. Try not to shampoo too often too. On in between days, use a dry shampoo to soak up excess oils rather than constantly shampooing which can dry out the hair. A hydrating conditioner coated at your ends will really breathe life into your locks. I even use a hair mask weekly to really give my hair some much needed moisture. 

Try A Sweeping Ponytail
This is the damaged hairs' saving grace. Like seriously. To create this simple style, sweep the hair into a ponytail, and then gently push the top forward to add a little looseness to your hair. Secure it with a hair-tie, and you can even add hair accessories to dress up this look. To finish the look and prevent flyaways, spray on a shine spray or smooth down with a little hair oil with your fingers. 

This style is good as you can usually get away with not having to straighten your hair to get this style, which means no harsh heat. If you want a nice and long ponytail, then you could opt for some clip-in hair extensions to give added length and a straightened look, without having to dry out your own hair. 

Twisted Headband
Now I like this style as you really don't need to do much with you hair at all. When you hair becomes damaged, you can tell mostly by the ends of it, and this style hides this away, revealing a lovely style. To try the twisted headband hairstyle, start by wearing a simple circular headband and then slowly fold the ends of your hair upwards and tuck them behind the band. Gently fluff the hair and spread it across for the headband to be covered completely.

Simple Is Usually Best
Go natural. Not everyone needs to have super straightened hair all the time. That wavy natural looks is really in at the moment. Try a simple towel dry and letting your hair then dry naturally. And if you suffer with volume, you could try monofilament toppers which gives you a boost of volume, and covers any thinning you may have.

Avoid Additional Breakage on Damaged Hair
Try to bear in mind that if your everyday look is to pull your damaged hair into a ponytail and dash out the door, you could be adding to the problem. Regularly pulling at your locks can cause hair loss. So, if you need a quick style to get your hair off your face, try plaits. And then at least you'll be left with soft waves at the end of the day too. 

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  1. My hair is quite damaged from years of dye, I tend to let it dry naturally and sleep with it in a French plait so that it's wavy during the day, and it means it doesn't have to be perfect!