Dealing With Male Hair Loss

Let’s face it, none of us want to age but it is inevitable and with that in mind, one of man's biggest fears comes flooding forward - or it does for my husband anyway - hair loss. A lot of men decide to bald in a graceful way, but if you're a man who has always had a head full of hair, and now it's thinning and you're starting to notice, it can knock the confidence a little. 

All men will progressively lose hair as they grow older, but for some it’s far more noticeable than others. So, with that in mind, and knowing just how hard it has been for my husband to deal with, here are five ways of dealing with hair loss gracefully, written in conjunction with Hairbro.

Don't Do A Comb-Over
Stop growing the sides of your hair to try to cover the top as this not only draws more attention to your bald spot which will probably make you feel worse. Go for a style that makes you happy or speak to a barber who will give the best style tips. In fact, there are many hairstyles for balding men. 

Thinning on top?
Taking your hair short on the sides and back is the best way to disguise the appearance of the hair thinning on top. Take the sides short enough to blend in with the top, to provide balance. Growing hair long will only highlight the fact that the top is thinning. You could also try the Mono Hair System which is a hair replacement system for men with thinning hair on top. 

Clean shaven
The completely bald look is a great option for men who have very large bald spots that cover a good portion of their heads. And what's even better, you can wash your hair and head with the same bar of soap you use on your body. 

Opt for a replacement
For those who are noticing thinning or balding hair, but don't want to go the full hog and have a hair transplant, full lace hair replacement is another option. With a natural front hairline, this way could be ideal if you are losing hair all over and want to cover it totally. 

Accept That You're Losing It
Hair loss is not something you have much control over and people will not think less of you because you're bald, or thinning on top. These days, there is not much of a negative stigma surrounding hair loss and in fact, a completely shaved head is totally in style at the moment. Bald is completely fashionable these days.


  1. Thanks - opting fir replacement is good in theory-its the expense !!!

  2. I think being bald is very sexy.

  3. i think balding for men is just a part of life and that they should embrace it but i understand must affect confidence