Creating A Dreamy Bedroom Space

Even if no one but you and your partner see it, your bedroom should still symbolise your style and be a place where you want to unwind after a busy day. With that in mind, here are some bedroom ideas to help you build the perfect tranquil environment. No matter how daring your taste is, or how much space you have, there’s something for everyone.

Have fun with wallpaper- It’s an easy way to add character and personality without taking up any extra space. You can introduce a modern style wallpaper to a traditional room to mix things up and vice versa. 

Stick to a theme- Although sometimes a random mix of designs and styles can work well, if you follow generally the same theme throughout your room then hopefully you won’t get any unattractive clashes. A nautical theme is great for a bedroom, evoking senses of relaxation and calmness. 

Less is more- Don’t clutter your bedroom with too many ornaments, you don’t want it to look too busy, especially if you already have a patterned wallpaper. A simple interior can look very elegant and soothing. You don’t want to have too much going on. 

Embrace the buildings underlays- Exposed brick, stone or wooden beams can really give your room a rustic appeal. It instantly adds another dimension, so give it a go rather than trying to hide them. With this in mind, try stick to natural materials to keep things warm and homely. 

Lay a statement floor- Wood flooring always works beautifully in a bedroom, complimented by a statement rug, so you don’t even need to go without the cosiness of a fabric on the floor. Its timeless appeal and easy-going appearance will suit both a contemporary and traditional bedroom. You can go crazy with coloured carpets too, coming in an array of patterns and textures. This would look especially good with a plainer wall. 

Add a sitting area- It’ll make your bedroom feel much more inviting, as well as looking fanciful. Even better if you have a television in your room, or just need somewhere to chill out, but not ready to dive into bed yet. 

Incorporate artwork- What better place than the bedroom to hang your most loved pieces of art. Once more, they aren’t permanent so you can swap and change whenever you get bored. If you love the contemporary look but still with a touch of tradition, then paintings are a good idea. You can go one step further by designing a gallery wall, the perfect balance between timelessness and trendy. 

Get down with low furniture- Opt for low down, minimalist beds, nightstands and drawers. You’ll prevent your room from looking too cluttered, but also the seamless solution if you do have a smaller room. 

Don’t be shy with colour- Not only do bright colours such as turquoise and blue add liveliness and character, but vibrant, eye-catching pillows and hangings can really increase your bedroom’s appeal. Try make sure you have some lighter, neutral colours to keep the right balance. 

Be clever with your layout- This is even more important if you’re limited on space, there’s nothing worse than having to weave in and out of furniture, risking knocking things over as you go. You may have to accept that you’ll have to place your bed against the wall to make way for a chest of drawers. Think about it strategically to make the most of your space. 

Think about lighting- Statement light shades are all the rage right now and can really add to the look of the décor. Match this up with smaller furniture such as the bed side table or lamp. Metal is great if you’ve fallen for the industrial look, or something a little more natural like wicker is to your taste. It’s imperative to think about lighting especially if you’ve gone for a minimalistic décor. 

Statement bed- Introduce a canopy over your bed, this can really show off a plush, classic appearance. You can opt for a darker material to block out the light if you’re into a more traditional look, or a white, see through cotton to give an airier feel. If you have little room and want to go for the minimalist look why not add a king size TV bed to your room. Perfect for those cosy nights when you want to chill in bed with your favourite show but also great so that the TV isn't taking up more room than needed when its not in use.

Although we’ve only scratched the surface with bedroom ideas, we hope this has given you some pointers of what you’re going to prioritise. Just remember that the bedroom should suit you and only you!


  1. Lovely ideas thank you!

  2. what lovely ideas, I've been looking to bring more serenity to my bedroom, you've helped me! xx

  3. Anonymous17:22

    Margaret Clarkson
    Good ideas, thank you

  4. I love the idea of a statement bed & de-clutter bed I wish I had the space for that though!

  5. i do love minimalist, i think it makes it more relaxing!

  6. Some great ideas, thank you.

  7. More great ideas. Thank you. Love the idea of exposing beams and bricks.

  8. Planning an update Jan - suggestions and advice always great thanks

  9. Our bedroom is fairly large meaning we can use lots of deep reds, maroons, gold and black without making it seem smaller. It's a bit like a boudoir!

  10. Some great tips, I like the idea of a theme.

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