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Struggling to find the perfect birthday present for the woman in your life? I get it. I can be hard. Especially when not everyone is the same. For me, I am totally in to spirituality, boho and probably those alternative things. So, if you're looking for those, then here are a few alternative gift ideas she'll be SO obsessed with...

14k Gold Vermeil Ultimate Gemstone Necklace in Moonstone
As someone who is obsessed with anything to do with the moon, semi-precious stones, and beautiful jewellery, it's no surprise that I would fall in love with this necklace.

This gorgeous rose cut, diamond shaped moonstone is set in 14k Gold Vermeil on a delicate, long chain! 

You can draw upon the feminine energy of Moonstone to bring calm, peace and tranquillity to your everyday life. This stone has a pink/blue hue in the light, reflecting the wax and wane of the moons own natural cycle. 

The jewellery from Carrie Elizabeth are all hand made by talented artisans in Jaipur, India. And all of the products are ethically sourced and produced. You can also go for moonstone rings if these are your preference. 

Seasonal Soul: A Mystic’s Guide to Inner Transformation
This book is by spiritual teacher Lauren Aletta and it takes readers through seasons of personal growth and illuminates the way your springs, summers, autumns, and winters provide opportunities for insight, healing, transformation, and rejuvenation.

It is packed with mystical practices and hundreds of evocative illustrations, The Seasonal Soul is an enchanting guide to self-discovery and a great read. Including self-care rituals, crystal and chakra guides. It also has journal exercises and is ideal for the spiritually curious.

Witching Hour: A Journal for Cultivating Positivity, Confidence, and Other Magic
'The modern witch is empowered and determined, and she defies expectations at every turn. But even the most all-powerful sorceress sometimes needs a quiet moment to reflect, recharge, and maybe cast an enchantment or two.' This guided journal talks about how you should set aside time for your own personal time. It includes spells for productivity, career success, repairing relationships, attracting love, and tapping into your sense of purpose.

Yoga Mat from The Present Finder
As someone who loves to exercise, go to the gym and try a bit of yoga, when I can, having a Yoga Mat at home means that I have that little bit of space to have some 'me time' if I want to do so. These fun contemporary patterned yoga mats liven up your workout, I chose the grassy field design as I love being outdoors.

This yoga mat is thick and lightweight to offer support as you get into positions, and comes complete with a strap so it’s easy to carry around, so you can get the most from your work outs, where ever you are. If you keep an eye on my Instagram, I'll also be sharing photos of this in use over the next few weeks.

And to go with the yoga theme, Neon Sheep have some amazing yoga socks which, if you're not a fan of bare feet, then these yoga socks are the ones for you. With straps over the top to stop them sliding off, and a grip on the bottom to stop you sliding off the mat too.

On the theme of the stars, space and everything in between, this Galaxy A5 Thicker Hardback Notebook is a great way to add some cosmic coolness to your stationery. It's stunning with a starry background and beautiful quote, complemented well with the Crown Pen which I adore and is great for those women who want to be the Queen of their own destiny.

Just to finish off the set from Neon Sheep, I also love this Drama Queen Mug as it's an ideal gift for your melodramatic friend. This mug is definitely reserved for the queen of drama.

RHS Cherry Blossom Bag Orange & Jotter Pad
Colour is definitely something I love so the Cherry Blossom range from RHS is just perfect for me. Kondo Yuho’s 1888 ‘Double Cherry Blossom’ print, held at the Lindley Library, has been interpreted by British designers into this exclusive collection. Available exclusively on the RHS online shop and also their gift shop at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate.

The bag is made using 100% cotton with leather handles and is a good size too, ideal for carrying those spiritual books, or supplies for a yoga class. There is also this lovely elasticated Jotter pad which has white non-lined pages and comes with a pencil so you can jot down any ideas or writing, whenever you need to.

To coordinate, this gorgeous Cougar Soft Feel Ball Pen in pink just carries on with the colour theme. It's an aluminium metal pen with soft-feel finish for a tactile experience when using. With a straight body, small, chrome clip and two silver rings round the barrel.

Skin care is so important and I'm loving these lotions and potions from Re-Gen. Their Serum (50ml) is a non-greasy with a unique formula which works to rejuvenate skin within seven days to give you a radiant complexion. Whereas their Re-Gen Cream (125ml) contains essential oils and vitamins, specially formulated to combat blemishes and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

The Re-Gen Oil (75ml) offers an intensive treatment designed to improve the condition of skin with scars, stretch marks and blemishes. Use by simply adding a few drops to your bath or apply directly to skin. And the Re-Gen Oil continuous spray (150ml) is easy to use and gorgeous smelling for an even, full-body application. All products in the Re-Gen range contain PCL Liquid™ which is an active, regenerative ingredient that protects skin from drying out and improves its natural elasticity. 

But life shouldn't be all about work, and no treats, so the Highland Fayre Sweet Treats Hamper is probably the perfect indulgent hamper for those with a sweet tooth. With the most decadent of treats, presented in a deep square wooden tray, this hamper is ready to be tucked in to. Above, I received a bespoke hamper from them, to give you an idea of the quality, but the Sweet Treats Hamper contains...
popcorn from Joe & Seph's, Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Wafer Crispies, scrumptious chocolate from Monty Bojangles and Gnaw, Hope & Greenwood Portobello Sours and fudge from Highland Croft.


  1. I'd love the witching hour book.

  2. What a thoughtful list of gift suggestions. I am very drawn to both books. Thank you.

  3. Some great ideas thanks! I always find it hard to buy for my mam and sister!

  4. Great ideas - the witching hour is my favourite

  5. I'd love the witching hour book.

  6. Gorgeous gift list, would love any of these :)

  7. What a lovely selection of gifts. I'd love the moonstone.

    Hazel Rea @beachrambler

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    Some great ideas here am always looking out for different stuff.

  9. Some lovely gift ideas the moonstone Necklace is beautiful

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