5 Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence

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Poor body image can have such a great impact on your quality of life than you might realise. A few of those negative thoughts here and there can soon escalate to anxiety and depression. Negative body image isn't a subject that should be taken lightly, or just brushed off when someone is trying to talk to you about it.

The effects of negative body image can take a significant toll on the body, physically and emotionally, and mentally, and sufferers, like myself, often become so consumed by the idea of the ‘perfect body’ that they forget what is actually healthy and set unrealistic goals for themselves. This only leads to further emotional distress and disappointment when targets aren't met.

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I think women are the most guilty of not accepting and appreciating their body type, although this can happen with men too, just not as common, I suppose. Or maybe is is, and they just don't talk about it which I guess is another taboo we should be trying to break.

So much time and money is wasted on poor body confidence so here are a couple of ways to boost your body confidence...

Fake It Till You Make It
You can still have heads turning as you enter a room, even if you don't feel it. That's because body confidence is attractive, and if you love the way you look, so will everybody else. Ditching your negative mindset can seem impossible so start by faking it. Carrying yourself with confidence will eventually become second nature to you and you'll feel much better about yourself. And, if you also feel nervous when up close and talking to people, finding a few tricks and products that can help with this, such as pheromones oils, can help you come across as confident and reliable, and the sort of person that people want to talk to and form a connection with.

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You’re Your Own Best Friend
When your inner voice starts to bad mouth the way you look, stop and think 'would you speak to your best friend like that'? Whenever you're tempted to call yourself those bad names, hit the pause button and switch it to something complimentary. You deserve better than that.

Sign Out Of Social Media
Scrolling non-stop through Facebook and Instagram can be an unhealthy obsession if you're suffering from poor body confidence. Just remember that social media isn't a real, it's just all the bits your friends, or celebrities, want you to see, or can be Photoshopped too. Concentrate on yourself.

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Find A Workout You Love
Science agrees that exercise is a certified mood booster, and it'll be great for you in the long run too. Once the endorphins kick-in there's no room for low self esteem. The tricky part is staying motivated. Sometimes I'm getting ready for the gym and just don't feel it at all. I force myself to go because I know that once I'm there, the workout really appeals, once I've got going.

Treat Yourself and Indulge
All too often, we get busy with life and we forget to treat ourselves. We forget we're worthy of care and attention - this is especially true if you're a mum and you spend all your time and effort caring for other people. While it's noble and great to put your family first, you should never forget how important you are. And when you feel happier and more confident in yourself, it positively impacts those around you, too. So why not take some time every now and then to indulge with a little me-time? You can do this at home with a hair mask, a bath and your favourite scented candles, or you can go one step further and book an award-winning skin treatment at the New York Laser Clinic in London.

NYLC offers medically-developed treatments that rejuvenate and revitalise your skin. Skin treatments can target signs of ageing, even out skin tone and bring out your inner glow. Chat to a skin specialist to discover the right treatment for you.

Don’t confine yourself to the treadmill, get creative. Join a local football team, give hula hooping classes your best shot. Learn to poll dance. There's no time like the present.


  1. Great tips thanks! My confidence is in need of a boost!

  2. Brilliant advice, all of it! A wonderful healer once told me about the 'Fake it Till You Make it' approach to good physical and mental health. It really does work if you stick at it.

  3. Women should always celebrate who they are not want others want

  4. Brilliant advice! So many of us struggle with body confidence.

  5. this is great advice especially social media, its a great thing but can really put your confidence down