Ways to Ease Pain After an Accident

Life can be unexpected. Accidents can occur at the most inconvenient of times and turn your life upside down. Suffering an injury is never pleasant, however you can take steps to increase the speed of your recovery and lessen your pain through various methods. Depending on the level of damage caused by your injury, you may have already seen a doctor or even stayed in hospital for a period of time. Whatever your accident might have been, here are a few helpful ways for you to ease your pain.

This tip won’t come as a surprise, but the importance of getting good rest after an accident cannot be emphasised enough. Over-exerting yourself or trying to prove that you aren’t too affected by the accident can cause unnecessary strain on your body while it’s at its weakest. Always listen to your doctor when they recommend a period of rest. This will prevent you from suffering additional pain and make the journey to recovery much quicker.

Herbal Remedies
There are many reasons to consider herbal remedies to ease your pain. Traditional medicine is effective, of course, but can have strong side effects or interfere with other medicines you may be taking. If your doctor agrees, you should explore herbal remedies as a gentler alternative to some of the more aggressive pain killers there are available. Visit Health Monthly for more information.

Gentle Exercise
Although rest is vital to easing pain after an accident, it’s also important not to lose strength through inactivity. You will know in yourself whether an activity is too strenuous for your body while it’s in pain, so take it slowly and have someone assist you in gentle exercises that keep your body from becoming weaker. You’ll find that moderate exercise can take your mind off your pain and give you something to work towards.

You may want to throw yourself back into your usual daily habits at the first sign of improvement in your health, however this can be detrimental to your overall recovery should you over-estimate how much your body can take. Instead of forcing yourself back into your familiar routine, create a new one that asks less of your body. Let the people in your life know what you can and cannot do so you aren’t expected to do anything that causes you more pain.

Mental Health
It might not seem as important while you’re experiencing physical discomfort, but maintaining good mental health can be difficult during the aftermath of an accident. Memories of the incident can bring back stressful feelings and trauma. Being in physical pain for an extended length of time also takes its toll on the mind and the impact of this should not be ignored. Don’t feel guilty if you need to rely on friends and family to support you through this time, or get in touch with a mental health professional. By keeping an eye on your mental wellbeing, you will be better equipped to manage the physical pain.


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  3. Great advice. Mental health especially can be a problem when you are semi-reliant on others.

  4. Interesting, mental heath and the emotional effect of long term chronic pain is often over looked.

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  6. Anonymous16:47

    Unfortunately I had an accident, and it has led to a degree of disability :- Due to broken / fractured bones. Accident and Emergency Department was busy, even though it was a weekday. There were also a number of police officers within the department / hospital. There were so Ambulances coming / leaving with flashing blue lights and warning sound/ s. So though the notice board stated 2 hours waiting time :- We were aware that the department and staff were very busy with increasing workload.

    When I was finally seen, relieved. I had had cool drinks of water via my fiancé visiting the water dispenser within the hospital (not within Accident and Emergency Department waiting area.) Placement of water dispenser probably due to fact :- Some may require surgery, so empty stomach may be best for their situation/ circumstances. I also had benefit of fiancé buying chilled bottled water for me, as no cool packs available :- When I had requested one, if possible, when at reception. So made use of cool bottle to ease pain and inflammation, whilst waiting to be seen following my injury.

    We have recently been watching The Big Hospital Experiment on BBC TWO. Seems that Accident and Emergency Department could benefit from :- Clinical Volunteers, other volunteers. I sent my fiancé away, knowing he had other commitment, he arrived back just shortly after I had been called through by a nurse.

    Some people could be on their own. Some mothers were with one child (seems some had had accident whilst at school practising gym). They may have had other children, other commitments which they had to delegate to others whilst they were at hospital. Yet they had to aim to remain calm and support their injured child. The busyness of the department had led to Resouces running out :- i.e. No cool pack I could make use of. I made use of an alternative, as familiar with hospital, etc. Others may have been unfamiliar / new to the area.

    Though there seems much Demand / Need for Health Care / Nursing services :- They are limited. Also though it is Wonderful that these are available to address Needs. Sad, and seems unfair that they can be so busy, under pressure, etc, and are often the very last to get a pay / salary increase. The Public have been threatened with coloured cards (I think for if / when they are stressed, raise voice, are judged as being difficult, etc). Perhaps an incentive scheme for mutual Respect would be Beneficial. A Gold card for Respectful, Caring, Competent Nurse, etc. Gold card for Patience from patient, Respectful interaction with staff, other patients, etc.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend a school which encourages Kindness. Maybe Kindness is Needed in more places (not just that school). Equality and Diversity.

    Rachel Craig

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  9. I'm doing pilates for my back it does help as paracetamol does nothing , unfortunately i think its going to keep getting worse

  10. Anonymous22:06

    Rest :- Rest and Relaxation. As there is a culture of Fast Paced activities :- Work, Travel, etc. Noise often goes with speed. Traffic Noise, building works, etc.

    There seems to be less opportunities for the majority of people to Rest, Relax , Recuperate, Regenerate, etc, etc.

    Royals, Celebrities, Super Rich, etc may get opportunities of Rest, Luxury, Excellent Service/s, Spa Therapy, etc, etc, etc. Equality and Diversity is NEEDED in order that each individual can reach full potential via OPPORTUNITIES.

    Rachel Craig

  11. Anonymous23:25

    Mental Health :- It seems that Enviroments need to be conducive to good Mental Health for us humans.

    Peace and Quiet :- Allows for Rest, Relaxation, Recuperation, Re-energising, Clear Thinkiing, Concentrating / Focussing, Thought Processing, clarity of Thought /s, etc.

    Noise can be distracting, disturbing. Stressful, set off pain through vibrations / noise level, etc.

    Access to Refreshments :- As the body needs water and nourishment ( nutrients for Health and Wellbeing.

    So perhaps Enviroments :- Hospitals, Accident and Emergency Departments, Waiting Areas, System of Woking, Models of Care, Buildings, Building works, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Universities, Social Services establishments, Care Homes, Health Centre, etc. Should be assessed, as well as encouraged in regards to Respect for Humans Health and Wellbeing, noise levels, noise reduction methods, etc.

    Busy, noisy places can be stressful for humans. Especially if they are also dealing with other stresses /stressors e.g. Pain.

    Rachel Craig

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  13. People never consider the mental health aspect of an injury. I personally, find it very hard to take that an undiagnosed tumour left for two years damaged the nerve in my arm so badly that I have permanent numbness and pins and needles. A lot of anger at the GPs that thought I was just after getting painkillers and/or being a hypochondriac, a lot of frustration at being a left hander with a damaged left hand.....Sometimes the mental part is worse than the physical.