Reasons Why It's Important To Limit Your Children's Screen Time

How many hours a day do your children spend transfixed to a screen?

Whether they are watching YouTube videos on their tablets, playing video games on the TV, or browsing Facebook on their mobile phones, chances are, screen time is taking precedence in their lives.

Now, while there is no harm in a little screen time - we are all guilty of it - there are some definite reasons as to why you might want to place a few limits on your children (and even on yourself if you spend too much time in front of a screen).

#1: Your children will become unhealthier
When your children are sat indoors for the majority of their time using their various screens, they aren't engaging in physical activity. This might lead to obesity and other sedentary health problems, which can include depression, increased anxiety, and the onset of serious physical issues such as diabetes and chronic joint pains. Sitting in front of a screen for increased periods of time is not good for the long time health of their eyesight either!

To prevent such problems, you should encourage your children to exercise more, perhaps by playing games with them yourself, or by helping them look for active hobbies. You might also do more things as a family that encourages physical activity, such as going on day trips of a weekend. By doing so, you will protect your family's health in both the short and the long-term.

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#2: Your children might fall prey to an internet addiction
The internet is taking over our children's lives, and this is to the detriment of their overall health and wellbeing. Basing most of their social interactions online, some children are becoming less adept in real-world social situations. They show signs of addiction, such as irritability and low moods when they're not online. And they struggle to live a life that isn't connected to the internet, as they lack a sense of purpose when they don't have a phone or a games pad in their hands. Internet addiction is becoming increasingly common, and there are now therapy groups being set up for anybody with such a problem. 

You need to break the cycle of addiction, so your children don't become dependant on being online. You can do this by turning the wifi off occasionally, setting strict rules about internet usage, and finding things for them to do offline, so their attention is focused elsewhere. You might also take extra steps, such as putting an internet blocker on your home computer, or downloading a select number of your children's favourite YouTube videos so they can be watched offline - see https://setapp.com/how-to/download-youtube-videos - so your children don't fall into that endless cycle of watching one video to the next when they are glued to the screen.

You don't have to place a blanket ban on screen time, but considering the dangers we have suggested here, you do need to set limits to better protect your children. Sure, they might kick up a fuss at first, but if you can explain why you are limiting their screen time, and if you can find other things for them to do, they might become used less reliant on their screens over time.


  1. As with everything nipping unhealthy habits in the bud is preferable

  2. I'm a big fan of limited screen time, it's used too much to keep children quiet when they should be running around. It also concerns me the amount they are used for SEN children because it seems to calm a lot of them down.

  3. yes always good to set limits, boundaries and routines from early on, saves a lot of issues later on.