Our Bandai STEM Ambassador Adventures and Win

Over the last few months we have been working with Bandai to review their range of National Geographic STEM kits for kids. You can look back to our Bandai STEM kits reviews if want to see our past posts about this range. 

We have been lucky enough to try out some fun and educational kits which have been a great way for my children to learn through fun and trying out new things to do. I think the boys will be sad not to receive our monthly bundle of STEM kits, as this is our final month as Bandai STEM Ambassadors.

We received 3 National Geographic STEM kits this month. Ultimate Play Sand, Shark Tooth Dig Kit and a Gemstone Dig Kit. The kids were really excited to get to work with the kits and get to try out the sand too as we've read that it's so much fun.

So, since my sons have never tried this sand before, and I was excited to see how it worked in comparison to real sand, we decided to try out this first. The National Geographic Ultimate Play Sand is a special mixture of sand that doesn't dry out, this sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry which is great if you don't want sandy hand prints everywhere.

The set comes with a 2lb bag of play sand, a tray and 6 sand moulds all in different shapes. This premium quality play sand is designed to provide all the fun and none of the hassle. And kids get to mould, slice and shape whilst creating with the sand.

What I love, is how clever it is. Like, you pick it up like regular sand. It can run through your fingers, like regular sand, and it can be moulded like regular sand too. But it doesn't need water to hold it together, it slides easily out of the moulds without being trapped, and once it's in a shape, it'll stay in place, until you move it. 

The dig kits are a favourite of the boys. They've tried a few before and love how they can excavate their very own little objects. The National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit is one they've been waiting to do as they love sharks, and couldn't wait to see the different shapes of teeth that sharks have. 

With this kit, you get to excavate 3 Genuine Shark Teeth Fossils from one of the oceans deadliest predators. It comes with the block, digging tool, brush and magnifying glass, so it's simple and easy to use. You just gently break away bits of the block, until you find the teeth, and the gently excavate around them so as to not damage them, as the teeth are quite fragile. 

With a full colour learning guide full of amazing shark facts and pictures, they're a great way to learn about these most feared predators and work out which teeth are which as they dig them out. Inside their block, they will find a tooth from each of the sand tiger, otodus, and crow sharks, and can use the booklet to learn all about what make sharks the ocean's most feared predators.

The National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit is a new one for us. We've opened geodes, excavated teeth and fossils, but have never worked with gemstones before, so it was nice to see these as they appeared. Like the sharks tooth kit, this set includes a digging brick containing 3 amazing gemstones (quartz, amethyst, and tiger’s eye), archaeological digging tools, a full colour learning guide, and a magnifying glass.

Inside the digging brick, you can explore 3 gemstones. A firm favourite for the kids was the Tiger's Eye due to the fact that it does in fact look like its name suggests. The Quartz is also a beautiful gemstone. Clear in colour and very alluring. For me though, Amethyst stood out. This deep purple gemstone is stunning to look at and really does look like a precious stone, even if it isn't classified as one. 

The guide is also packed full of information and amazing facts about these crystals which is really great to hear about. The boys decided that if they do ever have to go to battle, then they'll definitely take the Tiger's Eye with them!

And so, to end our Bandai STEM Ambassador Adventures, I have been given a National Geographic Gemstone Dig Kit to give away to one lucky winner. For your chance to win this kit, just enter via the Rafflecopter form below...

Ends midnight 30th September 2019

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  1. Amythst is my favourite as it is one of my favourite gemstones overall! I think the kit is wonderful and looks like so much fun.

  2. The shark tooth one as I know my son would love it