How to Dress a Newborn for Sleep in the Summer: 10 Steps

The last thing you want to see happen is that your newborn is too cold, however, at the same time, you also never want to make sure that your infant is overheated. Studies have shown that there is a link between infants being overheated and SIDS. With that said, as much as you don't want your baby to be cold, you want your baby to be cool temperature-wise. That is why you want to make sure that the infant boy, and baby girl clothes you have your baby wearing is appropriate for the current season. And, you want it to be especially lightweight for the summer.

That is because you are going to want to know exactly how to dress your baby for bedtime during the summer months properly so your baby never gets overheated. You will learn how to do that in the following 10 steps:

1. Only Use Lightweight Fabric That Is Breathable
The best fabric to use when dressing your newborn for sleep is breathable clothing as that will keep your baby cool. And the best type of breathable fabric is cotton which means you will want to make sure that the clothing you get is made of 100 percent cotton materials.

2. Dress The Baby In A Newborn Sleeper For Sleeping
When your infant is older which means over 6 months of age, he or she can wear clothing to sleep even during nap times. However, newborn sleepers are ideal when they are meant for the summer because they are made of the right type of fabrics to keep your baby comfortable.

3. Always Choose Clothing That Will Not Cover Your Baby's Face
When your baby is being put down for bedtime whether it is at night or for a nap, you will want to make sure that the clothing your baby wears is not going to cover the baby's face. That is a SIDS risk and make sure there are no loose areas that could prevent the baby's face from being clear.

4. Never Cover The Baby's Head
Never put hats on when the baby is sleeping. The hats are only meant to be used for outside as it is meant to keep the baby's head protected from the harmful UV rays from the sun. And for the winter it keeps them warm. But never put a hat on a baby's head for bedtime. Even if your baby is taking a nap outdoors. Keep the stroller where the baby is napping in a shaded area instead.

5. On Hot Days Only Dress The Baby In A Onesie
If there is a heatwave, then the thing you will want to do is keep your baby in a onesie, especially if the air conditioning in your home is weak and you live in a 2-story home. The air conditioning may not cover the second level. And that means you will want to stock up on onesies for your baby for the summertime. You can get all kinds of cool styles of those such as nerdy geek baby onesies which are adorable! The sky is the limit but these onesies are important so that your baby is cool and comfortable for summer sleeping during those heatwave days!

6. Never Put Anything Else In The Crib
This tip is relevant for all times of the year but you will want to make sure when the baby is napping or sleeping at night to never add anything inside of the crib as that could be hazardous. That means no toys, no pillows, and definitely no blankets.

7. Keep The Temperature Comfortable At All Times
It is nest to make sure that if the room temperature is comfortable for you, then it is comfortable for the baby which means to dress your baby lightly for sleep. When it is the summertime, the ideal temperature should be around 70-72F or about 21C for sleeping. You don't want it too much cooler than that and you definitely do not want to keep it any warmer than that temperature either.

8. Use A Fan
You can put a fan into the baby's room as long as the draft is not hitting the baby directly. That will cause him or her to develop a draft which is the last thing that you will want to see happen. And you can put a fan into the baby's room that will run as long as the baby is not directly in the way as it will help keep the room cool. Especially if the air conditioning is weak in the upstairs if you live in a 2-story home.

9. Never Put The Baby In Direct Sunlight
When you are putting your baby in for a nap, you never want to make sure that the sun is directly hitting the baby as the UV rays can also come through the windows. Keep your baby's crib away from the sun if possible. If not, then you will need to make sure that you have cordless blinds which are another safety issue right there!

10. Be Sure To Check Your Baby's Skin Temperature Often
Even after taking those precautions and dressing your baby perfectly in the summer, you will want to make sure that you go into the baby's room to check the skin temperature often. That is because if the baby is too warm then you will need to either put down the air conditioning a notch or power up the fan another notch to create a more cool breeze.

The bottom line is that you want to make sure that your infant is dressed comfortably as possible for sleeping during the summer. Overheating will only cause problems and as it was mentioned before, that is a risk of SIDS as well. Remember that your baby will be comfortable when it is cool, and cool does not mean it is cold for the baby. If you see that the room temperature is ideal and the baby has been dressed appropriately for the summer, then there is a good chance the newborn will have a good sleep!

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  1. Was chatting about this with my neice - she's said they dont advise swaddling whatsoever at night now - there is always something new in the guidelines