5 Unusual Things to Do in London

With nearly 2,000 years of history and a vibrant cultural life, London is so much more than Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. It has so much more to offer than just the usual big ticket attractions. Don't follow the crowd when it comes to exploring our Capital City, try a couple of these cool things to do in London with a difference...

The Postal Museum
The Postal Museum has been brought back to life one of the railways that snaked under London, and looks a little like the tube, but it's so much more. These railways were once used to deliver letters and the journey of this museum takes you from the former engineering depot of Mail Rail, which is an 100-year-old Post Office railway, right into the original tunnels, and is combined with a theatrical experience to really bring the visit alive.

Oldest English Prison
The Clink Prison Museum is just off the South Bank and has a long history of locking people up as it's the oldest English prison. This prison operated from the 12th to the 18th century, and although today you are free to leave any time you like, you can get a shown around by actors who bring the grisly past of this place to life.

Be One With Water
London has a surprising number of outdoor and indoor water activities that are perfect for both warm summers and cool winters. London aquarium tickets and a river cruise are just a few ideas of ways to be one with the water. Days out suitable for if you want to see the mammals in the aquarium, or go across the Thames and see the amazing sights from the water. There are also a few lidos dotted around London, some of the best can be found on Hampstead Heath, which are open for swimmers all year round. 

A Night At The Zoo
Visitors to ZSL London Zoo also have the option of staying behind when the gates shut by booking an overnight experience in one of their lodges. Guests staying there can have an after dark tour, and exclusive experiences to really make it a once in a lifetime experience.

Go Street Art Spotting 
If you're in to art, then instead of visiting the works that are stuck inside a building, pop over to East London to really see the art of London. This area has been a hotbed for some of the world's best street artists, with the area awash with colour and life. And if you're not sure where to start, book a street art tour.


  1. Some great ideas there. We enjoyed the Postal Museum and the staff were incredibly pleasant and helpful. I recommend a visit for all ages. However, like so many other London attractions, the price of food in the cafeteria is very high. Take a packed lunch!

  2. Our little Grandson enjoys all the Museums in London.

  3. Brilliant ideas, a night at the zoo sounds like a great idea,for my daughter's birthday! Xx

  4. Great ideas there! Thanks.

  5. I have never been to London before, but the Oldest English Prison, sounds the most interesting, the zoo also would be a great adventure too.

  6. Cheers - never new about the oldest prison