4 Tips For Easy Boiler Maintenance

The boiler is the most important part of your heating system, and if it goes down, you can say goodbye to heating and hot water until it is fixed. As such, it is so important that you take good care of it in order to keep your home warm year in, year out.

Boiler maintenance starts with you, and even though a heating engineer will keep your boiler in good condition, there are also many things that you should do yourself to keep it running smoothly. So I thought I'd give 4 tips for easy boiler maintenance...

Keep up the pressure
This might seem like a small aspect to boilers but it's actually worrying to see how many people that don't know you should keep the pressure in your boiler up. Your boiler and the rest of your heating system will lose pressure over time and the system needs the right amount of pressure to operate properly.

Take a look at the pressure gauge on your boiler regularly, (I try to do this monthly). If the gauge should fall below 1 then you need to repressurise the boiler to between 1 and 1.5 bar. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with how to raise the pressure on your boiler as each boiler has a specific ways to increase the pressure. That's why it's always important to keep your instruction manual as this will have all the information you need. Otherwise, a plumber will be able to assist you with this.

Check the pilot light
One of the first things to check on your boiler is the pilot light, if possible. If it is a strong, blue flame, then your boiler is in good shape. If, however, the flame is orange or yellow, this is a sign that your boiler is not burning its fuel completely and should be looked at. 

This could be a safety hazard to you, and your home as your boiler could be leaking carbon monoxide into your home. If you see an orange or yellow smokey flame, contact your heating company, or boiler repair Leeds quickly. 

Clear the area
Your boiler needs to have enough ventilation to run safely, even though they are usually hidden away in a cupboard. If your boiler is in an airing cupboard, utility room, or kitchen, keep the area close to it free of clutter. The flue pipe should also not be blocked and in good condition to keep your boiler running smoothly. This also makes it easy for a heating engineer to access when they need to, if your boiler needs repairs or replacing, they’ll have a much easier time if there is nothing blocking the boiler. 

Arrange for an annual service
Finally, you should get your boiler and heating system checked at least once a year in an annual service. If you don't own your house, then your landlord should organise this, but if you do own your own house, then it is up to you to get this done, yearly.

A certified engineer, or plumber, will conduct a proper boiler maintenance check to make sure all the parts are operating smoothly, clean your system, and repair, or replace, where necessary. Regular boiler checks will keep it running safely, and efficiently too.

In the event that you do need a new boiler, it's best to find a company close to home to come out and check around to give you a quote. Google your location and what you want, such as 'boiler installation Leeds' and it will show you a whole list of local companies to you. 


  1. Pays to have the boiler serviced - so far weve been lucky

  2. We have an annual service, it’s important to keep all working and safe. Repairs and new boilers are expensive, apart from the inconvenience of being without hot water and heating.

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