Top Tips For Packing Light This Summer

Ok so you've booked the trip of a lifetime, it's a dream come true and all you can think about is the count down between now and the big day. You’ve even saved money by using Net Voucher Codes. But there are some things you need to consider before you start daydreaming though. One of those things is packing! Quite often, we get carried away and end up paying extra for luggage when it's not necessary. So to avoid spending more than you need to, and going overboard what can you do to pack lighter and make sure you have everything you need?

Well for starters you need to make sure you only take precisely that, what you NEED. Start by writing a list that will keep you on track, things such as toiletries and washcloths are essential but will the hotel the other end provide towels? Will you need that extra jacket? Do you really really need 7 pairs of shoes for a week's holiday? All good questions to keep your packing light. Here's a typical list for one week away to get you started, and remember this is the 'need' list and not the 'want' list- 

Shampoo & conditioner (travel size)
Soap/ Shower Gel
Good waterproof wash bag
One night 'going out' outfit
6 or 7 day time outfits 
One very comfortable pair of shoes
One Jacket/ Sweater 
Small first aid kit including pain relief
Sun cream (if required) and hat
Passport, tickets, cards, and money
Electronic Device you can’t leave behind

And that really is everything you need to take. When you find yourself adding things 'just in case' you're on a slippery slope to excess baggage charges and a sad time before you've even started. 

Smaller suitcase
If you grab a huge suitcase, you'll think you've got all the space in the world, but that's not the case! Find a suitcase that will suit you and make sure it fits just what you need and nothing else, the temptation may be a little bit too much when you have extra compartments to fill so don't do it! 

Check the weight
You may think you're being extra careful by avoiding that heavy pair of jeans but what is the exact weight of your luggage? There are plenty of great baggage weighing scales you can buy online now for a small amount of money so be prepared and make sure you know precisely what amount of luggage you are packing before you go. Surprises can be lovely, but when it comes to checking in on your flight to a trip of a lifetime you really need to keep surprises to a minimum! 

Wear the heavier items
So you're adamant you need to take that sweater you love, but you don't know if your luggage can spare the space? Then take it on the plane with you, simply wear it and anything else you're desperate to take that weigh a little heavier than necessary. Of course, you have to be sensible, and someone will notice if you wear 10 T-shirts and three sweaters, but nothing is stopping you wearing a sweater around your waist and using it as a pillow on your overnight flight is there?

A hairdryer is considered an essential item for those of us that need to tame our hair when we're away, especially in more humid climates, but do you need to take yours with you or does the hotel provide one for a small charge? Also, do you need one for each of you in the party or can you cope with sharing between a few of you? A little forward planning will save you on this one. And worst-case scenario you can buy a travel one that won't be incredible but certainly take up less space. 

Cut down on bulk 
Those over-ear headphones can be replaced with in-ear ones, the travel pillow can be replaced with an inflatable version, and your heavy books can be replaced with a Kindle that will gain you plenty of space. All it takes is a little bit of forward planning, but when you can smile at the agents at the airport knowing you're well under the packing limits you'll be glad you did! 

Whatever you do to cut back on your luggage and whether you Marie Kondo the life out of it or chuck it all in you should be really excited about the adventures that you have to look forward to, these are just a few ideas to get you started but if you have a good idea of what you need to take and prepare well in advance you'll be onto a winner, so get started now!


  1. My wife always takes extra clothes "just in case" and packs something for all weathers. Cannot get her to stop doing this....

  2. Another really useful reminder about thinking ahead and planning. Thank you!

  3. A S,Edinburgh13:41

    I find packing light *so* difficult! Wearing heavier items is a brilliant idea.

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