Outdoor Party Ideas For Kids

Children's parties has evolved over recent years. It's not a case of a few cold sausage rolls and a game of pass the parcel anymore. And sometimes peer pressure from other parents trying to out-do each other can come in to play too. So, I thought I'd write a post about how you can have an amazing and fun party outdoors. 

It's perfect for kids who love being outdoors. Your child and their friends can have loads of fun adventures outdoors. Here are some ideas and tips to help you plan the perfect party.

A Treasure Hunt
Plan a scavenger hunt and place some items, hidden around the party area. You can use props hidden behind stones, in flowers and even underground. Use a computer to make treasure maps and a big 'X marks the spot' to see which child can find the treasure first, with a prize for the fastest. 

A Funfair
Funfair rides are so much fun for children, and adults too, and are a sure fire way to make your child's party stand out from the rest. You can find funfair hire Yorkshire and have a carousel to watch the children whizz round on those horses, or if you have more space to play with you could even hire dodgems, a ferris wheel, waltzer and even a helter skelter, just to name a few. If you are having a more specific theme to your party, you can even find themes ones, such as ghost trains or fun houses. 

Get Bouncy 
What's better than playing on trampolines? Well, that would be playing on a bungee trampoline and seeing who can launch themselves the highest. Bungee trampolines are advanced trampolines that can make you jump a lot higher than a normal trampoline, as you are harnessed to elastic ropes which propel you upwards. 

Pool Party
If you're children love the water, a pool party could be just for them. We picked up a 10ft pool fairly cheaply, and the addition of a slip'n'slide, some water bombs and water guns, could really make for a fun filled, and very wet, day. Just load up and let loose.

Create Your Own Beach
A few bags of sand, some buckets and spades, and ice cream galore. You can set beach towels out, have a BBQ and make burgers and sausages. And let the children create their own ice creams with sprinkles and syrups. It'll be a fun day, as long at the weather stays nice. 


  1. A treasure hunt is a fantastic idea!

  2. Kids parties I think were better back in the day

  3. Great fun for all - never had a pool party !

  4. Children's parties have come a long way from when I was little! Our little Grandson goes to all sorts of venues hosting all manner of experiences/entertainment.

  5. Great article, having worked for an events company, I know all to well the importance of planning and preparation, the ideas you have shared are ideal!