Creating A Wedding Gift Hamper For The Happy Couple

It's not often that weddings come round, and let's face it, we are only supposed to get married once in our lifetime. So I like to make sure that I really make an effort when it comes to finding the right gift for those whose wedding I am attending. 

At the end of this month, our 2 best friends marry each other. My husband is the best man, and I am the maid-of-honour, so we want to make sure we give the bride and groom and start into married life, with a present that will treat them now, and later too. As lets face it, nowadays newlyweds aren't really wanting toasters and new tea towels.

For our best friends, I decided to create a hamper, full of items that they can use, or cherish, over the years. Spending those moments together, and enjoying the gifts we've given them in ways that not only remind them of their special day, but also show them how beautiful it was. 

There are so many personalised wedding gifts to pick from, and I always think that these are just the most amazing gift, as it shows a thoughtful side. That you actually purposely went out and picked something for the couple, and had it made, just for them. 

And if we're looking for a hamper of gifts, what better way to start that with this Wedding Memories Large Box as it's a place to hold every item, and is personalised so that happy couple can use it to store all those wedding memories in afterwards. The box is made from pine and is a good size to store items inside, with a beautiful purple print on the outside. 

It goes without saying that wedding gifts can be a great way to gift the couple something that is useful and this Personalised White Leather Wedding Photo Album is just that. Weddings are the most photographed occasion so this is an ideal keepsake to ensure those precious photo memories live on forever (even the selfies and reception snaps)!

Cut from the finest Dream Vachetta Italian leather, the book is bound and made by hand. The binding of the premium quality paper features interleaved glassine covers to protect each individual photo. There’s even three sizes available to accommodate the few or many guests you invite.

The front of the album can be personalised, and the font can also be altered to suit. It’s a spectacular gift you can share with friends and family and most of all, you can revisit the special memories whenever you want to reminisce the big day, preserved in perfect condition inside the special gift box.

Keep the couples most treasured rings safe with this elegant swan ring holder from Umbra. Designed in the vein of an origami crane, the Umbra Origami Ring Holder is a functional storage accessory, which also adds some quirky character to proceedings. 

This swan can be placed where ever they want, and used to store their rings, when ever they need to take them off. Simply pop your rings onto the slender neck of this sophisticated swan and be rest assured that you’ll never misplace them again!

Champagne glasses are usually the norm when it comes to buying for a wedding. But how many of us actually drink champagne any more? Gin seems to be the tipple of choice at the moment, and so this set of 2 Peacock Gin Glass from Red Candy makes a great gift for the couple to celebrate with.

This gin vessel features a Peacock-inspired design that adds much needed style to the presentation of your Gin-based drinks, or any drink for that matter, glasses aren't fussy! The outside of the glass even features a wonderful colour changing design that shifts from Turquoise to metallic blue. 

The Peacock gin glass features a lusciously long stem and extra-wide rim that looks sleek and with a capacity of 700ml, this glass has more than enough space for when you want to celebrate in style with your peacock inspired glasses. 

And for when the big day has finished, and the couple have finally got some time together, the Congratulations Smartbox by Buyagift is the perfect way to give the couple a bit of time, just for them. The Congratulations Smartbox is packed full of fantastic gift experiences, and puts the choice in the recipients hands, letting them decide exactly how they'd like to celebrate. 

From 1000s of incredible experiences, ranging from exciting day trips to special nights away, luxury spa days to thrilling adventures, there's plenty of choice and something for everyone here, so the couple can really choose something that they'll enjoy doing together. 

All over the UK, there are so many options to choose. Whatever the occasion, the couple can mark it properly with a Congratulations box, and give them the gift of a day they'll treasure.


  1. i love this so sentimental and unique

  2. What a grand idea, i to am maid of honour at my friends wedding next year and a group of us keep racking our brains on what to buy them, so this would be brilliant

  3. A good idea. Many couples ask for money these days so it would be great to give them an unexpected additional gift such as this. Lovely.

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  7. What a thoughtful gift.
    I really do like that swan ring holder. It's so pretty x

  8. I love these ideas. It is hard to know what to buy.

  9. Lovely gift I m sure they will love it!

  10. This is a really great idea. I'm all about more meaningful gifts, rather than the usual toaster!