How To Stay Well This Summer

*AD - this is a collaboration with NHS in Leeds

The current heatwave we're experiencing might give you that excuse to spend all day outdoors, but some forget about the increased health risks that arise during the summer months. From sunburn to hydration, NHS in Leeds are aiming to raise awareness on how to self-care with their ‘Know your #SummerSignsNHS’ campaign. 

This campaign is all about raising awareness of how you can care for yourself during the summer months. NHS in Leeds has released a guide on how to stay well this summer with information about sunburn, staying hydrated, hay fever and insect bites and stings. With help about what over the counter treatments are available and when you to see your pharmacist or GP for professional help.

Such things as applying sunscreen before you leave the house, even when it's cloudy, and reapplying throughout the day, especially on parts of the body that are more exposed to the sun than others. I mean, most people will only apply once a day, and don't realise that they need to reapply after swimming or exposure to water.  

Or even, keeping hydrated when the hot weather hits. The daily recommended amount of water we should drink is around 6 to 8 glasses. That's about 4 of the bottles I am holding, around 2 litres. And you can keep an eye on your urine to understand whether you're hydrated enough. The lighter your wee, the more hydrated you are.

Here are  few ways that I keep cool during the summer:
  • Wear light fitting cotton clothing for air flow and to let your skin breathe
  • Sunglasses with UVA protection to protect your eyes
  • Frozen lollies are a good fire way to cool down quickly (the amount of sugar in some lollies can be high so keep an eye out for this)
  • Fruits such as melons and citrus fruits are a great way to quench the thirst

And if you want some help, tips and some fun in Leeds this coming week, a team from the NHS in Leeds will be at Lands Lane (outside W H Smith) in the centre of Leeds on Wednesday 31st July. They will be out, talking to people about how to ensure they stay hydrated this summer. They will also be encouraging the general public to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water day and giving out tips and advice about how to stay well this summer. 

The event will give people the opportunity to win a reusable limited edition metal water bottle by taking part in one of two hydration challenges on the day. 

So, do you think you'd be able to take on the challenges for a chance to win a reusable water bottle? Then pop down to Leeds centre on Wednesday for a chance to win, and get those handy tips for the NHS. 


  1. Really great advice here !

  2. Staying hydrated is definitely key! I’m obsessed with seeing what colour my little boys wee is as he’s so rubbish at drinking- I’m constantly having to remind him. He’s definitely a fan of all the extra ice lollies though!

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  5. It is so difficult to keep cool in this weather especially when rushing around at work!

  6. Great post! I really need to drink more water. I do eat a lot of water retaining fruit and veg like melon and cucumber though!

  7. Lots of good advice.

  8. A S,Edinburgh22:56

    That's a great initiative. This kind of information is so important, thank you.

  9. Good advice there; little reminders are always helpful, even when we think we're doing everything correctly.

  10. Lots of good advice, a really good write up, thank you

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