Family Holiday Time: What Format Suits You Best?

We’re right in the middle of summer and the school holidays – a perfect time to discuss family holidays! With so many options nowadays, it can be hard to make a decision on what suits your family. We have broken down a few different types of family holidays, discussing the pros and cons. Read on to find out the joys and challenges of camping, a holiday package and a holiday park as your family vacation.


Camping can be a great choice for people with a limited budget and a sense of adventure. The great thing about camping is that you could even go away somewhere local for just a night or two, and it will be like a grand adventure. You can prepare a meal to be done over a fire, like sausages or a little barbecue, and you could even sort out dessert by roasting marshmallows. Prep a few camping stories and explore your surroundings the next day. Let the kids run wild safely and they’ll have the best of times!

If you do have a bit more budget to spend, you could drive to France or Belgium and pick a child-friendly campsite to stay at for a week or so. Some will even provide the tent and basic necessities, so you won’t have to worry about any of this. Often, these sites will come with a pool or other entertainment, so you can be sure the kids will be entertained! Sites like Pitch Up or Rent A Tent can be great starting points to browse your options.

A Holiday Park

A step up from camping is looking at renting a kitted out bungalow for a week. Places like Centre Parcs or an independent holiday park are often a great option for families whose children are still quite small. You can set up your home away from home whilst enjoying stunning locations and practical amenities, without disrupting the usual bedtime schedule too much. Depending on the age of your children, make sure to seek out a place that offer a variety of family-friendly activities, such as a soft play area, a swimming pool or miniature golf. 

If your children do not yet attend schools, it is always much cheaper to visit these types of holiday parks outside of the peak seasons. Take advantage of the fact that these parks do not want their bungalows and cabins to be empty, and get some great discounts on their usual prices. If you’re not bothered about when and can hang tight for a last-minute deal, some places will drop their prices even further.

Holiday Resort Package

If you have a bit more budget available for your holidays, then perhaps you just want a nice holiday resort package that ensures you and your family can properly relax. Resort packages often come with half or full board, so you won’t even have to worry about mealtimes. Again, if you are not limited to school holidays, these deals will be much cheaper in off-peak periods. You won’t even have to compromise on the weather or time of year, just making sure you miss out on those few weeks when all the schools are out can make a huge difference.

Where camping and a holiday park are definitely more of a summer thing when you’re staying close to home, resort packages open up various destinations within in Europe in all seasons. If you are looking for more of an activity-filled holiday, you could also consider a ski holiday with a provider like Mark Warner. With childcare options and children’s skiing class, it can be ideal if you want to ensure your children are having fun and are well-looked after, whilst also building in a bit of a break from parenting for yourself. If you’re not into the cold weather, then check out packages that come with flights included. This means you’ll be able to venture further away from home in the colder months of the year and still find a bit of sunshine.


  1. we do love to holiday places where most people wouldn't think of!

  2. Margaret Gallagher10:43

    Normally go as a package holiday - convience I suppose

  3. We love to rent a cottage in this country.

  4. As we love town and city breaks, we find AirBnB apartments best for us. Especially if they have a parking space so we can nip off to explore the surrounding areas! The downside to them is that you have to book them early to get the dates you want.

  5. We all love to go camping, find it restful but fun, and if you dont like where you are, you can move on

  6. We like to get away from it all somewhere peaceful

  7. We're not really a 'beach' holiday family, so we enjoy city breaks, camping or places in the country we can take our dogs and go hiking.

  8. They definitely all have upsides, so it's just a question of which are best for you.

  9. As a family we love camping, we enjoy the outdoors and having the freedom to just pack up and move to another campsite and another area to explore

  10. My mother used to drag us to camping holidays every summer. It was very basic and we complained a lot, although we loved being able to walk out of the tent and into the sea for a swim. I feel guilty now because she tried so hard to make happy memories for us.
    Loads more choice these days so it's good to try different things each time.


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