Bandai STEM Kits - National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano

A few month ago now, we were announced as Bandai STEM Ambassadors and have been working with them to show off their extensive range of STEM kits for children, and today is when I show off our forth kit. You can look back to our Bandai STEM kits reviews if want to see our past posts about this range. 

This month Bandai have sent us another of their STEM educational kits for review and this time, it has been one of T's most favourite reviews to date; the National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano Science Kit.

T is obsessed with volcanoes. He has been learning all about them at school, he even got a gold star for recreating the Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Eruption by Bernadette Krupa in his own painting. So it's no surprise that he couldn't wait to get into this kit as soon as it arrived. 

The build your own volcano kit has so much to it. It includes absolutely everything you need to create a volcano, paint it, and even make it erupt! 

Inside the box, you will find:
  • Bag of Plaster 
  • Bag of eruption powder 
  • Bottle of eruption powder 
  • Volcanic Mould 
  • Paint and Brush Set 
  • 2 Volcanic Specimens 
  • Stir Stick 
  • Information Guide 

This kit has so much to do, and it all starts with making your own volcano. And this is where the plaster comes in. The instructions tell you exactly how to mix up the plaster correctly, and that you need to quickly pour this into the volcano mould as it will start setting straight away. T enjoyed mixing this up as he could feel it thickening up whilst he was stirring it. 

You then leave this to dry for a while before removing it from the mould. Now at this point, you get a choice. Either wait a few days for the plaster to dry out, or put the volcano into the oven on a low heat for around 2 hours. We chose to do the latter, so that we could get to work painting it ASAP. 

Once fully dried out, T got to painting it. Now the set only comes with red, orange and yellow, which is a bit pants when volcanoes are more noted to being brown, but luckily we have loads of paints so made up some brown of our own to make the volcano look natural. 

You then need to leave the volcano to dry again. Before you can do the experiment, you need to make sure the paint is dry, so this kit can take a few days to do fully. As it's a case of moulding the volcano, painting the volcano and drying in between both.

Once it had all dried, it's time to get the eruption done. It's best to put some newspaper or something protective down as this can cause staining. It's also best to wear old clothing for this same reason. 

At this point, the bag of eruption powder needs mixing up with the bottle of eruption powder. You add a small spoonful of this mixture into the top of the volcano, and then the exciting stuff can happen. Simply start pouring cold water over these powders, and the eruption will start. 

WOW! It doesn't half erupt. After only a few seconds, you see bubbling and fizzing as this red just starts to pour from the top of the volcano!

You get enough powder to do quite a few goes of this but the booklet also does explain that you can add more powder into the volcano for a bigger eruption, which would make the powder run out faster. What I also love, is that the booklet also gives ideas of using certain household products which could also be used to cause an eruption. 

If your children love volcanoes, crafting, and making a right old mess, then they will love National Geographic Build Your Own Volcano from Bandai.


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