Dressing Table Storage Ideas

As a busy parent, and someone who works from home, space can be a bit limited in our house. We have to make good use of all the areas in our home, sometimes having 2 uses per room. When I decided I needed and office for my work, it took a lot of manoeuvring around to actually find a corner of space - especially when I already had a dressing table too, I couldn't justify taking up more space.

So it got me to thinking about creating one desk for both. Somewhere I can work when I need to and use as a dressing table on a morning when I'm getting ready or drying my hair. I realised that I needed to change my room up a bit, to cater for everything I would use the space for, an office which doubles up as a dressing table for when I need it.

I knew that it would take some work, and having some nifty space saving ideas to really maximise the space I have available. I happened to find a really dressing table on LionsHome and took it from there. A nice long desk to give plenty of space to store makeup trays, and my hair electricals which I placed round the edges so as to be out of the way whilst working. 

With the help of some pots, some under desk storage boxes and a jewellery box, I managed to keep all these items close by, but out of the way. As well this, my desk has a drawer so I can easily store my laptop away when not working.

To give you all some help to really maximise that space when it comes to creating makeup storage, I've listed some of my favourite ideas below, to really give you that much needed space...

Make Use Of Unused Spaces
Chances are, you could be making better use of the space you've got. Acrylic holders stuck to the insides of your cabinet doors can make extra makeup storage without taking up any desk space.

Reuse Those Pretty Jars
Make storage can get a little expensive, so I opted to reuse jars that I find pretty. Glass jars or empty candle holders are great to keep your brushes in line, or to hold your mascaras and eyeliners. 

A Spice Rack For Perfume
I love perfume, but hate wading through all my bottles to find the one I want to wear each day. A spice rack eliminates this problem as it means that all perfume are in single file, easy to reach, and can be mounted on the wall so no desk space is taken up.

A Picture Ledge For Nail Polish
I've found that the Ikea picture ledges are the perfect width for nail polish. It'll leave your room with a salon inspired look and will keep all those little bottles out of the way of your desk. 

Magnetic Tape Works Wonders
All those little metal items are impossible to keep in an easy to find space. When you need your tweezers in a hurry, and they're nowhere to be found, it can be annoying. I use magnetic tape of the back of a cupboard door and stick all those buggers to them. Bobby pins, nail file, scissors, they can all be in one easy to find place. 

Making space when you are limited is actually quite easy. You just have to be quite inventive in your ways of doing so...


  1. LOVELY ideas thanks

  2. I like the idea of re-using jars I have quite a few pretty ones.

  3. A S,Edinburgh17:36

    Combining it with a work space is a great idea. I love the spice rack tip, too; I'd never have thought of that!

  4. That's a really good post! Fortunately now we have enough space to have a bedroom each to do our own things!

  5. Great idea and it looks really nice.

  6. great idea, technology does take up room, nice idea.


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