Smart Small Business Ideas That Are Easier Than Ever

Nowadays, anyone can set up their own business. You don’t need massive office blocks and vast reserves of money to launch a new business idea, and you might already have the skills and the passion that you need. That means that you could be making money before you know it. There are so many avenues for business ideas that it can be hard to narrow down your options. If you’ve been a stay-at-home mum or dad for the last few years but the kids have started school and you’re not sure what to do with yourself, here are some great business ideas to consider that could be the only career move you ever have to make.

Bespoke Baking
For those people that like nothing more than creating lavish and spectacular cakes, you might want to consider selling your creations. Put adverts and photos on social media, and contact local restaurants to see if they need regular specials on their dessert menus. From homemade birthday cakes to bespoke made chocolate using chocolate moulds to make a variety of shapes. 

Social Media Management
Almost everyone knows the basics of social media, but it can be a time-consuming task for a busy business. If you have some social media skills, and you know the difference between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then you might be able to find business clients who’ll pay you to run those accounts.

If you’re savvy with a camera, then you can make a lot of money as a wedding or event photographer. You might need to invest in some better equipment, but there are some great ways to get a cash boost for business equipment. If you know your rule of thirds from your leading lines, then this is an excellent option to consider.

Health and Fitness
People that already enjoy exercising and eating well might find a huge level of job satisfaction by becoming a personal trainer. Not only can you set your own work times, but you also get to keep your own health and fitness levels tip-top. Look into getting a fitness certification and start promoting yourself, and you could build a client list that pays. It doesn’t necessarily have to be personal training, it could be yoga or Pilates. Its important to ensure that you select a reputable supplier, if you are going to take up a pilates teacher training course, make sure that the course is fully endorsed by CIMSPA

Pet Grooming
Animal lovers who don’t have the time or inclination to become full-time vets can still satisfy their need to be around furry family members by becoming pet groomers. It might take time to develop this business, but you can even start off slowly by offering simple dog-walking services in your local community.

Private Tutor
This will depend on your level of education or life skills. Most students will benefit from additional learning time, so if you can speak another language or you have a degree in a specialist subject, you could start your own private tutoring company offering those skills to struggling students. Start by placing adverts as a freelance tutor of your specialist subject, and you could be the guiding influence that a student needs.

Moving from full-time parent to business owner can be scary, but following your passions could end up being very lucrative. Look at what you love doing, and be aware of the skills you have that are unique. Running a small business and working for yourself can be rewarding both on a personal level and a financial one, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that your options are limited.


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  4. My husband is a keen cook, and is now considering running cookery classes once a month. however, we first need to get a hygiene certificate from the council.

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