A Guide To Choosing The Right Stairlift

As I've written about many times before, my dad is disabled and struggles with some every day tasks. Because one of his disabilities is to do with one of his legs, just getting up the stairs can be a task and half, and with the fact that they live in a 2 storey house, this can cause problems with just the basics of getting up to bed or to the bathroom.

There are modifications that can be done to the house to make it really fit for him, but some can cost a fortune. Putting a bathroom and bedroom extension downstairs is out of the question, when they are both retirees.

There are simpler options to help my dad get a good quality of life. One being, having a stairlift fitted so that he can easily access the upstairs space. A stairlift would give him that freedom of being able to get around the house on his own. 

But what are the options when it comes to stairlifts, and which are the best for your home?

Do you have a straight or curved staircase?
Straight and curved staircases are different to install. One is ideal if you have one long staircase, and the other curves around corners, if your staircase is split over 2. You also have the option of having 2 straight stairlifts fitted instead of a curved one, but this would mean changing over between the 2 in between going upstairs.

My parents stairs split so they could get a curved stairlift to fit which would be ideal for them as it would mean that my dad could easily get upstairs independently. And this is always important. My dad really struggles with the fact that he constantly has to ask for help, and even though we are always willing to be that support, it gets him down, that even basic tasks, like going upstairs, means he needs to ask for help. 

Will a stairlift fit?
One way that stairlifts can be fit in a narrow staircase, is by including a foldaway seat and footplate. As you can imagine, the seat itself will take up most of the width of the staircase as having a rigid seat sticking out across the staircase can make it difficult for other people to use the stairs. 

What's most important when it comes to getting a stairlift though, is to contact a reliable company, and ask them which is best. They will give you the best advice on which stairlift will work best in your house, and which is best for you. 


  1. I wish I'd read this post when it came to buying one for my Nana. Great advice. Many thanks.

  2. Makes such a difference - the one we have is on its last legs - hindsight and knowledge - our next one will be so much better

  3. they certainly have come a long way from the very early models

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