3 Ways To Make Money From Home

As a person that works from home, I try my best to earn as much as possible so that my children can have all the best experiences in life. Sometimes it's hard though to find the work and I have to find ways to make money whilst at home. So I thought I'd list my 3 top ways to make money from home...

Start A Blog
Now, many people will start a blog online and think it's easy. Okay, you're reading this and it might all look fairly easy to do. You just open a blog and start writing, right? Wrong. Writing a blog takes time, finding work through your blog is even harder.

There is a lot of background work involved with running a blog. I had to learn all about HTML, coding and SEO as well as having time in between looking after the children to write up posts. You have to learn about social media and networking to get your posts out to the best people.

You have to be approachable so that people will email and want to work with you. And try not to be greedy. Don't start a blog on a Monday and then start emailing companies asking for 'free products'. They are NOT free. Writing a reviews takes time. It's very hard work and a lot of investment in cameras and online editing apps to make the review look amazing. 

So yes, by all means start a blog. But make sure you have the time to really get going with it and get your readers, make your own choices and just be yourself. 

Sell Your Unwanted Items
This is one thing I regularly do. I go all around the house and check for things that haven't been used in the past few weeks. Clothing, toys, electricals, furniture, anything. I put them all online, on eBay, Gumtree, local selling sites and even Shpock. 

Use A Survey Site
Whenever I tell people that I do this, they always give me that look, like, what a waste of time, you'll never make anything doing that. But I have and I do. I can usually make around £50 a month just by answering a few surveys on certain sites or having videos playing in the background whilst I'm working. It's so easy to do. Sometimes, they have fab deals too and you can shop and earn cashback through them too for even better deals.

You can even use sites, such as Gratisfaction, to get some freebies to save you on your household bills. From beauty and food, to samples for kids, and deals on every day items. You could also enter competitions, as I've made a fair few bob selling unwanted winnings in the past. 

So, if you're looking for ways to make a bit of extra money whilst you're at home, check these out and give them a try. You never know, you might have something hidden at home that's worth a small fortune!


  1. Great ideas - hats off to you all who blog - it's much harder than it appears - I'll stick to selling !

  2. I use a few survey sites, and the apps for shopping receipts! Very useful for extra cash and vouchers!

  3. A S,Edinburgh13:41

    Such good ideas, thank you! It can take a little thought and research, but there are a good few opportunities out there, and every little bit of extra cash helps.


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