What are the latest and most fashionable doors?

Generally, there are two categories of doors. Internal and external. Internal doors refer to doors that are installed inside a house, like doors leading up to the bathroom, kitchen and patio. External doors are the main doors. Depending upon their function and utility, there are different materials and designs available on the market for both of them.

In case you’re doing a little spring cleaning, here are some of the fashionable doors that we are offering.

Double doors
Double doors certainly make an impressive entryway. They can have sidelights installed along the sides which are basically a component with a glass. The glass can be cleared, foggy or baroque. A perk of sidelights is that they let in a lot of light without compromising on the safety and privacy of the people. The foyer is always well-lit and bright which paints a very welcoming frame.

However, these doors should be installed if there is a large entryway or there is adequate space between the top of the door and the roof. Otherwise, it would look cramped.

Laminated doors
Laminated doors are wear and tear resistant. They are mostly made out of hardwood, pine and fibreglass. The laminated design is printed directly on the door’s surface. Overall, the doors look like well-polished wood. They can be bought in different tones of browns, blacks and greys.

When it comes to utility, the doors are more suited internally. Often chosen for kitchen, rooms and bathrooms, they can be used in commercial spaces such as offices as well. However, to maintain consistency, the same design should be used along with a property though the size can be changed to suit requirements.

Another advantage of these doors is that they arrive at your doorstep polished, primed and hanged. You only need to install them in the door frame.

Internal Glazed doors
Internal glazed doors are always going to remain classy. They can give that natural sunlight in house which normally is absent with unglazed or solid doors. They are budget friendly and not very flashy. The door has a glazing which makes it look beautiful and they are available in a vast variety of colours and designs.

They can also be personalised by appropriate door handles which can be purchased separately or can be customised as a whole depending on the need.

Unglazed doors
For people who don’t think laminated doors fit the bill, these rustic and unglazed doors are perfect.

They are textured and bring out the natural character of a material. Often available in a panel design, these doors also come with a vision or glass slit. On the whole, the design depends on the preferences of the homeowners. But they can be installed inside or outside the house.

However, there is nothing old fashioned about them. People now prefer doors that are not ostentatious in favour of bolder and feature walls. These doors can be bought in different contemporary designs. Moreover, they ensure an optimal level of security and keep out noise commotion.


  1. Thanks ! I find it difficult to keep up with trends as they change so often

  2. It's funny that you bring this up, as yesterday I cleaned all our internal doors. I would love to replace them with something that less bulky looking. On the "to do list".

  3. Amazing the difference internal doors make, we moved into our new almost a year ago and the property throughout had quality wood doors but none of them had been sanded/treated or painted, they were all dark dull and gloomy. I sanded the lot back and painted them all white the difference was incredible. So much lighter in all the rooms and hallway, was a lot of work but well worth it.