How To Set Up Your Dining Room Like An Interior Designer

The interior design embodies the concept of enhancing the interiors of your living space to assimilate into it aesthetically pleasing and functional decor that best suits your personality. While most of us aren’t interior designers, who are specially trained for this, it is very possible for you to do this on your own if you keep a few key points in mind. This includes playing around with various combinations of lighting, colours and materials until one is satisfied with the feel of the room. This is even more applicable to the place where you and your family wines and dines. Dining rooms are responsible for contributing a whole lot to the look of a home, and if you would like to set it up like an interior designer would read these invaluable insights on how to decorate your dining room.

Colour Scheme
When setting up a room, it is essential to first decide on a cohesive colour scheme that will bring the room together and invoke the mood you desire it to have. Interior designers rely heavily on the knowledge of colours and the colour theory to match, complement and contrast colours, tints and shades to cause the room to exude different vibes. A warm colour palette oozes intimacy and vitality, while cool tones contribute a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. When choosing a colour scheme, the usual rule is to go for one main colour, one bold colour and two accent colours along with a neutral and white. If going for complementary colours on the colour wheel, be sure to balance these out with a mostly neutral background and leave the colours to draw the eye to a few main points of the room.

Once your colour scheme has been decided, and the walls have been painted with your main colour, give some thought to the kind of furniture that will best reflect your dining room. High gloss dining tables are well suited for a sleek and modern look, but if one wants to add a touch of grandeur to this significant room, a marble dining table set is your best bet. No matter what colour or shape you choose, these never fail to impress the guests. Incorporating a carpet can bring warmth and lushness, while a beautiful display case for your decorative dinnerware will serve as a feature of interest, provided there is space for one.

Interior lighting is an integral, yet often overlooked, part of interior design. Just like colour, lighting dramatically influences the mood of the room. Since the dining room is a vital part of the house, making sure that it has a suitable lighting plan can literally transform the room. Adjustable ambient lights that impart an even glow complemented by accent lighting through well positioned, stylish pendant lights or delicate chandeliers are highly recommended to make your dining room look welcoming.

When these pointers are applied correctly, the effect can be jaw-dropping. All that is left now is for you to unleash your inner interior designer, and create the dining room of your dreams.


  1. Lovely post. We completely redesigned ours after taking inspiration from a stately home. Obviously, ours isn't so grand, but it looks so inviting with the soft green walls and soft lighting. We're very happy with it.

  2. Pure CLASS - beautiful ideas - certainly be using a few of your ideas

  3. interesting ideas. I want to change the lighting in our dining room so that the main light is on a dimmer, which would make it easier to get the right ambience.