Be The Mummy With The Money With These Flexible Work Ideas

Looking for a little extra money to help with the budget at home? Or perhaps you’re trying to get your career kicked off even while your kids are still young? Whatever the case, moms are back in the workforce, big time, thanks to flexible working arrangements. Here are a few ideas on how you, too, can get a slice of that pie.

Write your rear off
Got a passion that you could go on about for days? Not too bad behind a keyboard? Then perhaps you could join the growing section of the population that blogs for money. Whether you’re on your own parenting journey and want to cover all the trials, tribulations, and lessons you have learned, or you have a passion for tech, fashion, TV, or something else entirely, you can start a blog. What’s more, you can monetise that blog, either by getting enough of a rep that readers are willing to pay for eBooks, webinars or other resources or enough visitors to attract companies glad to reach out for affiliate marketing deals.

Say cheese
With the fact that just about everyone has a several megapixel camera in their phone, it’s easier than ever to develop a passion for catching some great snaps. If you’ve taken it further and got your own digital camera, you can turn your passion in a job by selling your photos to stock image websites. If you learn how to take Instagrammable photos, you might even end up becoming a social media influencer, especially if you travel a lot or just like to live the high life.

Help other mummies get fit
Got a passion for health and fitness? Think you’ve learned enough to be able to teach others what to do? Train to become a personal trainer and formalise that expertise and you can make some serious money helping others make their own health journey. Plenty of PTs work full-time in gyms, health centres, and so on but there are just as many who work on a freelance basis, selling their skills to clients from their own home. It’s a flexible career that can take as much of your time as you need it to.

Be the queen bee of the office from home
If you have office experience, you don’t have to miss out on all the buzz just because you’re spending more time at home. Virtual assistants are spreading like wildfire, helping business owners and managers stay on top of their workload. You might be answering the phone, setting schedules, preparing budgets, writing emails or doing all sorts of other office work. However, the benefit is that you get to do it all from the comfort of your home and on your own terms with the clients who are likely to offer you the most in return.

If you don’t see anything above that caters to your talents or interests, don’t fret too much. There are tons of remote and flexible working opportunities, from transcription to social media marketing to teaching, that you can check out.


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