5 Tips for a Fun Break Away with Your Kids

A family break away will provide parents with an opportunity to develop a greater bond with their kids, which can help their son or daughter to experience many superb childhood memories.

What’s more, it will allow the whole clan to escape the monotony of everyday life and focus on having a bit of fun in a beautiful setting.

If you want to ensure your children have an unforgettable time on holiday at home or abroad, check out these five tips for a fun break away with your kids.

1. Decide on a Destination as a Family
While you might be dreaming of a rural escape, your kids might be desperate to make sand castles on a beach, indulge in ice cream and explore beautiful coastal paths.

For this reason, you should sit down together as a family to discuss everyone’s wishes for an upcoming break away, so you can find a destination to compliment you all.

2. Book a Cosy Cottage
Hotels can be too uncomfortable and restricting for large and small families, which is why you should consider booking a cosy cottage.

As a result, your loved ones will have the freedom to move across the property with ease, and you could cook homemade dishes in a kitchen to ensure your children sit down to a nutritious, delicious dinner every day. 

If you are planning a family break to Cornwall, you will find the best cottage for your family’s needs and size at Portscatho Holidays.

3. Thoroughly Research a Destination
Never leave it until last minute to research a destination. Instead, make time to learn as much as possible about a spot before a visit so that you can find the best:

· Museums and galleries
· Beaches
· Historical landmarks
· Theme parks
· Restaurants
· Cafes

If you don’t, you might be walking aimlessly across a destination or may struggle to find a restaurant to suit your family’s needs and budget.

4. Create an Arrival Plan 
Even the shortest of journeys can make young children both tired and restless. To avoid tantrums and conflict once you arrive, create an arrival plan to get your break away off to the best possible start.

For example, if you are arriving late at a destination, it might be best to cook a light meal once you arrive before enjoying an early night, so everyone is bursting with energy the next day and ready to explore a destination.

5. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone 
Make wonderful memories as a family by ensuring everyone steps outside of their comfort zone at least once during a trip. Lead by example by trying the local cuisine, embracing a new experience, or undertaking an unfamiliar activity.

Not only will it ensure you each walk away with many memories from the trip, but it will teach your kids that life is for living and they shouldn’t be afraid to try new things throughout their lives. By doing so, you could help them to develop a more inquisitive, open mind.


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