Six Easy Ways You Can Help Your Husband Love How He Looks

Successful relationships are two-way streets, so just as you need your partner to help you feel good about yourself, remember that he needs your help, too. Men can be just as self-conscious as women in terms of their looks, especially as they get older. You can help him regain his confidence and that spring in his step and doing so will strengthen your relationship tenfold. All you need to do is follow this easy guide:

Help Him Reinvent His Look

An easy way to help boost his confidence is to reinvent his look. If he hasn’t gone shopping in years and his clothes are ratty and frumpy, it is time to cut it out of his wardrobe and to improve his look.

1. Go Through His Wardrobe
Though there might still be hope for nice clothes that don’t fit him at the moment, there is no hope for old clothes that are on their last legs. Just remember to never throw them out. Instead, find a recycling service that will either return that old cotton shirt back into a new shirt or be used in scraps for insulation.

2. Help Him Find New Clothes
New clothes should be made of high-quality fabric, be made well, and be made to last. Nothing looks better than smart clothes, and this applies to his home attire as well. Even something as simple as a well-made cotton shirt could help him look great if his other options were over 20 years old.

3. Get His Clothes Tailored
When necessary get his clothes tailored. Of course, you might want to wait, if his goal is to lose weight, but some changes like taking up his trouser legs can be done at any time. When he is happy with his weight, get shirts, trousers, and especially blazers tailored to him.

4. Invest in Accessories
Accessories are more important than most people realise to pulling a look together. Some accessories, like sunglasses, can vastly change the look of someone, which is why it’s essential you help him find the best sunglasses for men that suit his bone structure. Liking the shape of a pair is one thing, but having that perfect shape suit you is another. Apply this to all accessories, particularly those that fit around his facial features, and he will look incredible.

5. Work Out Together
If he is particularly overweight and losing that weight is a goal, hold off on buying new clothes and getting them tailored. Instead, wait until you both have built up a healthy routine. You should not try to crash diet, but you do need to be active and healthy. Once you have successfully adopted this healthy routine together, you can then invest in high-quality clothes and look at getting them tailored.

6. Compliment Him Regularly
Helping others is a great way to make ourselves feel good, but helping your spouse adds another layer to it entirely. Just remember to be vocal about your thoughts. Compliment him, tell him he is really doing well with his goals, even fawn over him a little. He, in turn, should do the same for you, so don’t be embarrassed to ask him to be more vocal in his compliments.


  1. Great ideas! l love how men love to good these days

  2. Excellent ALWAYS need advice HOW to dress our men

  3. What a great article.

  4. Amy Butler18:26

    Loved reading this, I will be going shopping with my husband tomorrow

  5. Trying to get my husband to part with his old clothes is like pulling teeth. I put them in a recycling bag only to find them back in his wardrobe. I'll take some of your tips on board. Thanks x