My Monthly Favourites - Kitchen and Snacks

It's the first day of a new month and I'm here to share some of my favourites from the last month. This will be a new monthly segment of mine where I'll talk about products I've loved with a specific angle for each month.

This month I am focusing on kitchen and food items that are the perfect snacks for kids, and us adults who want to eat better...

As a self confessed chocoholic, my downfall when it comes to snacking, is chocolate. Sumptuous brownies, chocolate bars, and anything with that gorgeous taste, it just makes me feel happy. I am trying to stick not not eating any, but sometimes I just have to, so have been looking for ways to make guilt-free. The Creative Nature Superfoods Chocolate Collection is seriously a chocaholic’s dream.

This Creative Nature Chocolate Collection bundle includes Organic Cacao Nibs which make any porridge, muesli or ice-cream have that chocolate edge to them. It packs a bitter punch and a lovely crunch that let’s you know this is 100% pure. And the Organic Cacao Powder which can be mixed with warm milk, or coconut milk, to make a tasty alternative to sugar packed hot chocolate. 

For a yummy snack, bot the Cacao Orange Protein bars and the Raw Cacao Superfood bar are marvellously indulgent bars to enjoy post workout to replenish your muscles. All the flavour of a chocolate bar but with none of the added sugars, nuts or dairy.

Lastly, is the Organic Chia & Cacao Brownie Mix which is seriously super easy to make but without the nasties of traditional home-baking mixes. It has 2 methods on the back, one for vegan and one for regular bakes. We chose the vegan way and even the kids couldn't tell. 

A great low fat snack is also popcorn, but this can become a bit samey after a while. Popcorn Shed are rewriting the rules of snacks, saying goodbye to boring, tasteless popcorn with gourmet tastes and beautifully branded packs that are both unique and eye-catching in this super-premium popcorn.

By incorporating texture into the popcorn through chunks of nuts, chocolate and dried fruit, this maximises the taste, made with all natural, high-quality ingredients. A favourite of mine is Pecan Pie which has golden roasted pecans in a buttery smooth caramel giving a sumptuous nutty crunch. 

When I'm looking for snacks for my boys, I want a whole range of healthy options without the blandness of the usual choices. Mavericks Snacks is a super cool new kids snacks brand and guarantees absolutely no nasties. With no added sugar, 100% vegan and gluten free, these are also available on subscription so you can always have a pack to hand.

The range includes yummy and innovative flavours from 'Greenzilla' breadsticks to 'Smart Cookies' coconut baked biscuits. Plus the packaging is the hippest on the block, with cool missions and games on every box that are sure to keep kids entertained. And if you use the code 7BOX01 - new customers will be sent their first 7 pack box free (delivery not included).

Designed to offer a better alternative for kids, Real Handful BUNDLZ feature oats, cereal and raisins mixed up in either strawberry and raspberry yoghurt or apple and blackberry yoghurt. Made with real dried fruit, and high in fibre, each pack is under 90 calories and up to 40% less sugar compared with other kids yoghurt snacks on the market.

And proceeds from each pack they sell go towards their Kids Foundation - which produces tens of thousands of healthier snacks for UK families impacted by food poverty.

And when it comes to drinks, squash can get a little boring, so opting for a milk based drink is healthier and tastier. Shaken Udder Milkshakes are delicious range of milkshakes are made using fresh British milk and real fruit or Belgian chocolate.

Packed with calcium, B12 for natural immunity support, contain no artificial nasties and are school approved with less than 5% added sugar. They are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. The kids milkshakes come in child sized cartons too so that there is now wastage and just the right amount of yummy milkshake for your little one. 

I don't know about you, but when I snack, I never know how much I'm actually supposed to have. Bowls are usually too large and can make portion sizes look more than they are. That's why I like these Tassen Medium-sized Emotion Bowls as they are smaller than a regular bowl, meaning I can use these as snack pots, and they have quirky faces too. 

These attractive and personal emotion bowls from Tassen come in a twin pack, with 2 different designs to compliment each other. From kissing and smirking, to crazy and tired, they're the perfect gift for that quirky couple. 

We use a lot of vegetables in this house, but sometimes it can be a bit samey to have them the same way all the time. Say hello to the Veggie Twister which can make spirals or spaghetti from carrots, cucumber or other vegetables. 

Wouldn't it be nice if vegetables had a bit of twist? You can now make spaghetti shaped vegetables and make a super healthy meal with no need for pasta. The Veggie Twister is easy to use, just place a carrot, cucumber, or other vegetable, at one end of the spiral vegetable slicer, choose between the spiral and the spaghetti nozzle and then turn the screw to see a new shape of veg come out the other side. 

Rice is big in our house. We have it a lot. The boys love it and will have rice with most meals, and it's healthy and filling so the perfect side for any meal. The Lékué Microwave Rice Cooker cooks fluffy rice in a few minutes by using your very own microwave.

Pour the right amount of rice and water into the Lékué rice cooker, pop it into the microwave for the time specified in the instructions, and when it pings, you'll have the perfect rice, every time. No claggy rice, no overcooking, no watching the hob in case it boils over, just a simple and easy way to cook rice. 


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