How To Keep Your Teenagers Out Of Trouble

As our children grow, our relationship with them changes. Whereas once they wanted and needed us with them at all times, the older they get, the more independent they are, and the less they want us around. Although we might not like it, it is all a part of growing up, and it’s actually a good thing as it prepares them for their adult life ahead. However, for some teenagers, it can be a confusing, worrying time, and they might get into trouble because they don’t really know who they are or how to deal with the challenges they are facing.

As parents, it’s important to help them through this as best we can. Here are some useful tips on how to ensure your teenagers stay happy and healthy are stay out of trouble as they are navigating these difficult adolescent years.

Know Your Teenager
When your child is little, you know them completely. You know their likes and dislikes, their personalities, and you can pre-empt decisions that they might make. As they grow, you will find that you know them less and less. This can cause a distance to grow up around you, and it might make it difficult for your teenager to come to you with problems if they have any.

This is why it is important to get to know your teenager all over again. Spend time with them doing something they enjoy so that you can have a taste of their passion. Talk to them about their day (even if they don’t feel like responding) and gather as much information as possible. Take them shopping and let them choose the clothes that they like, rather than what you think they would like. All of this and more will give you an insight into what your teen is like and who they are growing into. The distance will close, and they will feel able to talk to you if they are having issues.

Know Their Friends
Again, in the past you would have known each and every one of your children’s friends and their parents, setting up playdates and days out in the school holidays, or even sharing lifts to school and back. In primary school, this is easy, especially when you get to know these other children at the school gate.

In secondary school, things change. You no longer need to be there to drop off or collect your child, and you may not see their friends from one week to the next. This is where problems can occur, as you never know who your teenager is hanging out with; the last thing you want is for them to get in with the wrong crowd. If you do find that your teen gets into trouble, however, know that there are trained professionals who can help you, such as an organised crime lawyer to help them out of trouble.

Make your home a safe place for your child and their friends to come, and you will get to know them a lot more. You will also know where they are and who they are with, giving you peace of mind and keeping your teenager safe (even if they don’t realise that is what is happening).


  1. Great read. My parents turned our spare room into a chill out/kettle room and it kept us off the streets.

  2. Amy Butler19:13

    Some good points, it is so hard being a parent these days

  3. Excellent read - really helps keeping them safe

  4. Love this, very helpful when thinking about my kids getting older. I always worry about my children. I can't say I'm looking for the teenager stage xx

  5. interesting read, I really do wonder what life for teenagers will be like in years to come.